Adventure Clues


Adventure Clues is the new fun way to explore Sydney. Get your friends and family together and enjoy a fun self-guided scavenger hunt game in the City of Sydney!

On this interactive adventure, you will:

Uncover secret spots in the city by solving a series of cryptic clues on your mobile.

Immerse yourself in the history of Sydney as you explore the least walked paths and learn the incredible backstories.

Uncover the hidden gems such as amazing art installations.

Think like as a wizard as you try to solve the clues.

Be taken past some of the coolest speakeasy bars the city has to offer and stop off for optional refreshments and get to know the owners.

Score points and challenge for the top spot on the leaderboard!

Adventure Clues is perfect for friends and families and also make for a unique date night or awesome team building event. Two teams can challenge one another and you can even take on Adventure Clues as a solo adventure!

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