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For travellers whose itinerary is dictated by their taste buds, Sydney is a foodie dream come true. The city’s culinary scene is as vibrant and dynamic as its cosmopolitan residents, with offerings ranging from some of the world’s best oysters to exquisit

Destination NSW

Destination NSW

Aug 20 -
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Fish and chips at Sydney Fish Market

This vibrant working market sits on the harbour in Blackwattle Bay, Pyrmont. The largest market of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, it features a range of seafood and fresh produce retailers, as well as cafés and restaurants, a wholesale auction, working wharf and the Sydney Seafood School. Don’t miss the fish and chips from Peter’s Fish Market; the fresh fillet is encased in a beautifully browned batter and served with crispy chips.

Fish and chips at Sydney Fish Market, Pyrmont

Fish and chips at Sydney Fish Market - Credit: James Horan

Strawberry watermelon cake at Black Star Pastry 

It’s been copied multiple times around the world, but the strawberry watermelon cake you see online originated in Sydney at Black Star Pastry. Chef Christopher Thé originally created the cake for a wedding. Little did he know that his creation of layered almond dacquoise, rose-scented cream and watermelon would be declared as “the world’s most Instagrammed cake” by The New York Times.

Scrambled eggs at bills 

Bill Granger, a self-taught cook, first opened bills in Darlinghurst in 1993, where it immediately made its mark for its legendary breakfasts, served at the famous central communal table. Championing a produce-driven menu, Granger’s scrambled eggs have been touted as the best in the world. The buttery eggs are incredibly light and creamy and make for the ultimate breakfast, paired with thick toast, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and a perfectly sliced avocado.

Bills Eggs

bills Surry Hills, Inner Sydney

Gelato Messina 

Setting the benchmark for gelato in Australia, Gelato Messina offers over 40 unique flavours. The institution is best known for experimentation and you’ll find five new flavours as specials every week. Their creamy jersey milk is supplied from their very own dairy farm and their handmade chocolate uses the highest quality single-origin Ecuadorian cacao. Ideal for a hot summer’s day, head to any of their 11 stores across the city.

Steak at Firedoor 

Priding themselves on being masters of cooking with fire, Firedoor is Australia’s only fully wood-fuelled restaurant, relying on their two wood-fired ovens, three grills and a wood-burning hearth. Recently featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table, the restaurant’s menu offers the best available seasonal and local produce. A carnivore’s delight, the restaurant’s dry-aged steak is served with a sprinkle of salt.

Steak at Firedoor in Surry Hills

Steak at Firedoor, Surry Hills

Veggie burger at Mary’s 

Founded in 2013, Mary’s has become one of the most popular burger joints in the city, known for its dive bar style with graffitied walls and loud punk rock soundtrack. Vegetarians and meat-lovers alike will be blown away by the plant-based option, which features a fried veggie patty made with mushrooms, carrots, white beans and soy protein, sandwiched in between the pillowy bun, vegan cheese and special Mary’s sauce.  

Vegan Burger at Mary’s

Vegan Burger at Mary’s Newtown

Meat pie at Bourke Street Bakery 

The humble meat pie is a quintessentially Australian dish, and one of the best can be found at Bourke Street Bakery. Baked and raised from humble beginnings in Surry Hills, it’s now one of Sydney’s most iconic food destinations. Their meat pies are handmade with the freshest ingredients and feature favourites such as the Beef Brisket, Red Wine & Mushroom Pie and the Vegan Vege Curry Pie.

Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills

Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills

Pre-Theatre Set Menu at Bennelong 

If you’re catching a show at the Sydney Opera House, pair that iconic experience with an exquisite dinner at Bennelong. Tucked within the city’s most famous building, Bennelong offers a culturally significant and inspiring menu showcasing Australian food and wine. Enjoy a special two or three-course, pre-theatre à la carte menu seven nights a week at 5:30pm, 5:45pm and 6pm.

Seafood at Saint Peter

Having recently transformed from a conventional table-and-chair dining room, Saint Peter now features a striking marble-topped bar separating the kitchen on one side and the diners on the other. Showcasing sustainably-sourced Australian seafood, indulge in some of the world’s best oysters from NSW including the Moonlight Kiss Rock Oyster from Batemans Bay as well as an array of fresh catches including the Coral Trout Sandwich with crispy skin and tarragon mayonnaise.   

Saint Peters -Charcoal Rock Flathead Al Pastor Corn Tortillas

Charcoal Rock Flathead Al Pastor Corn Tortillas at Saint Peter - Credit: Josh Niland

Roast duck at Mr. Wong 

Mr Wong pays homage to classic Chinese influences in a contemporary style. The Cantonese-style menu features over 60 dishes including faux Shark Fin Soup and Abalone served Steamboat style, as well as an unrivalled dim sum selection. Arguably their most famous dish is the roast duck, arriving crisp-skinned with a perfect fat to meat ratio. The duck is paired with pillowy soft pancakes, freshly sliced cucumber and hoisin sauce.

Mr Wong, Sydney City

Mr Wong, Sydney City

Floating pavlova at Bar M 

Reinvigorating the once-abandoned historical tyre factory, Bar Machiavelli Rushcutters Bay is an inspiringly new take on traditional Italian cuisine. Their floating pavlova puts a spin on one of the nation’s most-loved desserts, featuring seasonal fruit and Chantilly cream floating on a bed of candy floss.

Floating Pavlova at Bar M

Floating Pavlova at Bar M

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