Food and Wine in Chinatown

Discover the mouth-watering delights of Chinatown and Haymarket, savouring authentic flavours, fresh seafood and seasonal produce. You’ll find a delectable range of restaurants, from yum cha to noodle bars to spice palaces, and an impressive variety of Asian cuisine in the lively food courts.

Visiting this bustling area is like a culinary trip to Asia, with the tastes of China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam on offer. Enjoy enticing smells as you explore the streets, markets and food courts or join a tour, such as Taste Cultural Food Tours A Taste of Chinatown.

With historic Capitol Theatre, small bars, karaoke bars and classic pubs, there are plenty of things to do and see day or night. Dixon Street is a popular dining spot. Some restaurants are open late at night, such as the Golden Century Seafood Restaurant, a Cantonese institution on the Sussex Street.

Sample tasty dumplings at Marigold Restaurant or Din Tai Fung, or enjoy Sichuan cuisine with a touch of chilli at Spicy Sichuan or Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant. Please your palate with exotic Thai flavours at Chat Thai Haymarket or savour a mix of classic and modern Japanese fare at Wagaya.

For fresh produce, browse Paddy’s Markets and at Asian grocers. Above Paddy’s is Market City where you’ll find a supermarket specialising is Asian produce and plenty of quick eats. A stroll north along George Street is World Square, where there is an Asian grocer and scrumptious restaurants.