Chinatown And Haymarket Food and Drink

You’re not just limited to Chinese food in Chinatown and Haymarket. This is the Asian food hub of Sydney where you can find everything from Chinese and Cantonese cuisine to Malaysian, Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese. Dine in dumpling houses, underground food courts and fine dining.

Cantonese is the predominant Chinese flavour in Sydney, which you can find at the famed Golden Century, but there’s also regional cuisine from all over China. Try mouth-numbing chilli-laden spicy Sichuan food at Dainty Sichuan, Xi’an cuisine at Seabay Kitchen, Taiwanese dumplings at Din Tai Fung and cumin-flecked Yunnan dishes at Spring Yunnan. Other cuisines are well-represented un the surrounding Thai Town and Koreatown foodie hubs.