The most unique yoga classes & studios in Sydney

Looking for a special place to practice your downward dog? From the beach to the bridge, here are eight unique ways to enjoy yoga across Sydney.

Destination NSW

Destination NSW

Mar 2024 -
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For bridge pose by the beach 

Nothing says ‘Sydney’ quite like a yoga class by the beach. Yoga by the Sea runs classes in the east at Bondi and Bronte beaches, and in the north at Manly and Freshwater. Start the day with sunrise power yoga or wind down with a relaxing evening class, all accompanied by the sound of the pounding surf. Also in Manly, Cambrian Yoga runs regular classes on the beach and even has dedicated sessions for toddler yogis. 

Yoga class, Freshwater Beach

Yoga class at Freshwater Beach

For saluting the sun beneath a city icon   

Gaze up at the intricate metalwork of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from your yoga mat during a free Sunday morning class with Yoga Under the Bridge. This class is suitable for all levels, focusing on strength, flexibility and movement to invigorate you for the day. Plus there’s a side of spectacular harbour views. 

Group of people enjoying yoga class with Yoga Under the Bridge, Dawes Point

Yoga Under the Bridge, Dawes Point

For testing your balance on the water  

Connect with the flow of the ocean during a stand-up paddleboard yoga class. Held in the calm waters of Manly Cove, Flow mOcean’s floating yoga studio will challenge your balance and put your skills to the test – but even the most experienced yogis should expect to get wet! 

Yoga on stand-up paddle boards with Flow mOcean in Manly, Sydney North

Yoga on stand-up paddleboards, Flow mOcean - Credit: Flow mOcean

For an upside-down adventure 

If you’ve always dreamed of running away with the circus, an aerial yoga class is the next best thing. Using large hammocks made of silk, you’ll be suspended from the ceiling for a fun class that’s a mix of yoga, Pilates, dance and aerial arts. Sky-lab in Surry Hills is one of the best, with an industrial-style studio decorated with graffiti and flooded with natural light. 

Aerial yoga class at Sky-lab, Surry Hills

Sky-lab, Surry Hills - Credit: Sky-lab

For a class surrounded by ancient gum forest 

Paradise Yoga’s tiny Avalon studio sits amidst a stand of ancient spotted gums, overlooking Pittwater on the Northern Beaches. Teacher Claire offers a gentle style of yoga (blending hatha and yin), so you can expect lots of stretching and lying down rather than fancy poses and headstands. For the ultimate in relaxation, book in for one of her full-day yoga retreats. 

People enjoying yoga class at Paradise Yoga, Avalon Beach

Paradise Yoga, Avalon Beach - Credit: Paradise Yoga

For getting in touch with your inner frequency 

Experience a full sensory embrace at one of Humming Puppy’s yoga classes. The Redfern studio is infused with ‘the Hum’, a unique soundscape that combines digital and organic frequencies to bathe you in constant soundwaves. Teachers will also use singing bowls to create another layer of sounds. It’s said to allow for increased focus and promote a sense of calm. 

Himalayan crystal singing bowls at Humming Puppy, Redfern

Humming Puppy, Redfern - Credit: Humming Puppy

For feeling the heat 

Bikram yoga first became popular in the 1970s, with people flocking to practice in studios heated to over 40 degrees. The stylish One Hot Yoga in Potts Point puts its own spin on the practice, offering classes at 21, 27 and 37 degrees. Each temperature offers its own benefits for health and movement, and it’s a gentler way for hot yoga novices to dip their toes into the water. 

Pilates beds at One Hot Yoga, Potts Point

One Hot Yoga, Potts Point - Credit: One Hot Yoga

For an immersive retreat 

Take your yoga experience to the next level with a multi-day immersive retreat. Heart & Soul is a yoga and wellness retreat tucked into tranquil bushland in Otford, on the southern edge of Sydney. Each retreat includes daily yoga and meditation, vegan meals, inspiring workshops, and time spent in nature. Pittwater Eco Adventures runs regular retreats that incorporate yoga and mindfulness with kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and hiking on the Northern Beaches. There’s still room for indulgence too, with time for art and writing, mulled wine by the fire, and naps in the hammock. 

The Luna Room at Heart and Soul Retreats, Otford

Heart and Soul Retreats, Otford - Credit: Heart and Soul Retreats

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