A local’s guide to Western Sydney with Will Mahusay

Western Sydney, including Parramatta to Sydney Olympic Park and Blacktown, is rich in diversity and culinary culture with an adventurous, lively spirit.

Will Mahusay

Will Mahusay

Nov 19 -
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Will Mahusay

Is a Blacktown resident and chef who owns the Filipino restaurant Sydney Cebu Lechon. At the age of 45, Will left the corporate world and took over the Cebu Lechon family business that was started in 1991 by his father. Will has worked hard to bring the Filipino food movement to Sydney and promote its cuisine.


Will Mahusay at Cebu Lechon, Sydney west

You grew up in Western Sydney and your relatives all live close to one another in Blacktown – what do you love most about the area?  

I love the diversity of Western Sydney. It’s a melting pot of many wonderful cultures. For an Aussie-Filipino like myself, Western Sydney has been a place that the Filipino community has called home for more than three decades. 

Will Mahusay with Hayden Quinn enjoying a day on Lake Parramatta in Parramatta, Sydney West

Lake Parramatta, Parramatta

The dining scene in Western Sydney boasts a delicious collection of global tastes and modern eateries. Where is your go-to cafe and why?  

I enjoy visiting the Leaf Cafe and Co in Stanhope Gardens. It’s a cosy place and my go-to drink is the Belgian dark chocolate mocha. 


At your restaurant, Sydney Cebu Lechon, you cook with your favourite Filipino ingredients. Tell us what they are and where you might find them in Sydney? 

I cook with staple Filipino ingredients such as garlic, onion, ginger, fish sauce, tamarind powder mix, okra, eggplant, snake beans, water spinach and chicken thighs or pork belly. My favourite place to replenish my pantry is the fresh food market in Rooty Hill; they have all these ingredients and more.  

Chef Will Mahusay and Hayden at Sydney Cebu Lechon in Parramatta, Sydney West

Will Mahusay, Sydney Cebu Lechon

Sydney is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, plating up cuisines from across the globe. Tell us your favourite dining experiences in Western Sydney, and any other incredible eateries you would recommend across the city. 

We can go all around the world with our tastebuds in Sydney. In Western Sydney, I love  A- Team’s Kitchen in Rooty Hill - their all-day Filipino breakfast brings back fond memories of the Philippines, and it’s something I eat every day. In Mount Druitt, there’s a tasty American-Asian fusion burger joint called Mate Burger.

Further afield, try Don’t Doughnuts in Darlinghurst where renowned Filipino pastry chef Miko Aspiras serves unique doughnuts made with a hybrid sourdough-brioche dough. 

In the Inner West, you can’t miss the bold traditional flavours of my charcoal pork roast at Sydney Cebu Lechon!  It’s considered a ‘gateway’ dish for anyone curious about Filipino cuisine. Also, in Newtown on King Street, there’s a lovely Italian restaurant called Belle Bruttaplus, nearby in Glebe, don’t miss Jambo Jambo Africa serving traditional Ethiopian cuisine. 

Mother and children viewing the resident koalas at Sydney Zoo, Bungarribee in Sydney West

Sydney Zoo, Bungarribee

What are your top three must dos in Western Sydney that you would recommend to visitors? 

Lions at Sydney Zoo - Bungarribee - Sydney West

Lions, Sydney Zoo

Do you have a favourite secret Sydney experience you can reveal? 

I recently discovered a great place in Parrramatta called the Lake Parramatta Reserve Walk. What a hidden gem! I’ve lived in Sydney almost all my life and it’s only this year I stumbled upon it thanks to the Taste of Australia with Hayden Quinn series. It’s a place for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors, where you can walk alongside the lake or swim. 


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