Sydney West events

  1. Luddenham Easter Festival

    Friday 19 April 2019 to Monday 22 April 2019 ,

    Celebrate Easter at Luddenham Easter Festival. The Luddenham Showground has plays host to the Luddenham Easter Festival each year. The festival has free festival entry and free parking. There's all kinds of entertainment and rides,…

    19 Apr - 22 Apr
  2. Easter in the Garden

    Monday 22 April 2019 , Camden

    The Easter Bunny is taking over the Botanic Garden this Easter Monday! He has set up a whole trail of activities for the kids and will be available for a photo shoot at the end of the trail. To keep the parents entertained, he has…

    22 Apr
  3. Friends Annual and Focus Exhibition at C-A-C

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Sunday 05 May 2019 , Campbelltown

    Campbelltown Arts Centre presents the Friends Annual and Focus exhibitions, an eclectic display of artworks by the Friends of Campbelltown Arts Centre. The Friends Annual exhibition is a chance to see some of the best art the region has to…

    23 Apr - 05 May
  4. Anatomies - Robert Hague

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Sunday 12 May 2019 , Sydney West

    Robert Hague - Artist is an artist who brings a broad skillset to the contemporary art scene. His artworks revel in ambiguity and play with opposites, simultaneously conveying heaviness, lightness, fluidity, brutality and gentleness. His…

    23 Apr - 12 May
  5. Ninja Warrior School Holiday Clinic

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Wednesday 24 April 2019 ,

    Learn the basic Ninja Warrior movements at Macquarie Fields Fitness and Indoor Sports Centre. Children between five and twelve years of age can come learn the basics of Ninja Warrior Movements. Make sure you bring a water bottle, towel…

    23 Apr - 24 Apr
  6. Electric Domestic: modern lives - suburban dreams

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Wednesday 30 October 2019 , Penrith

    NSW State Archives exhibition exploring power, modernity and the promotion of the suburban dream in mid-1960s Australia. On the urban fringes of Australia’s major cities, new suburbs are constantly being developed. Offering home and land…

    23 Apr - 30 Oct
  7. Interregnum - Penelope Cain

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Sunday 12 May 2019 , Sydney West

    Interregnum is a solo exhibition by Penelope Cain. The artist takes Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre’s history as a coal-power generating station as her starting point to consider shifting landscapes of power in Australia. Interregnum will…

    23 Apr - 12 May
  8. Barefoot Bowls

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Wednesday 19 February 2020 , Picton

    Barbecue area available for one off fee. Packages are available for catering and bowls. Call for more information. Fun in the sun without having to worry about cooking!…

    23 Apr - 19 Feb
  9. Learn Craft Art in Sydney

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Thursday 02 January 2020 ,

    Art can unleash your hidden creativity and is found to be extremely therapeutic. This passionate, professional and certified Creative Art Instructor with an impressive track record of making positive contributions in developing the…

    23 Apr - 02 Jan
  10. Project Grow - Community Garden

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Tuesday 28 April 2020 ,

    Garden Regeneration of Wollondilly. They aim to promote access to healthy and affordable fruit and vegetables, provide volunteering opportunities and workshops. Want to meet new people, learn new skills and have fun? Come and drop in for…

    23 Apr - 28 Apr
  11. Family Fishing - Penrith

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Tuesday 31 March 2020 , Penrith

    Catch and Release family fishing with barb-less hooks every Tuesday at the Regatta Centre. Get hooked on Family Fishing. Bring your friends or family, or simply join the fishing family at the Sydney International Regatta Centre for catch…

    23 Apr - 31 Mar
  12. Notice of Motion

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Sunday 13 October 2019 , Campbelltown

    This exhibition brings together works from the Campbelltown City Council permanent collection selected by the Councillors of Campbelltown. Referencing a common phrase used by Concillors at Council Meetings, a ‘Notice of Motion’ is a…

    23 Apr - 13 Oct
  13. Don’t Fence Me In Exhibition

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Sunday 16 June 2019 , Penrith

    Autumn Exhibition Suite 2019 - Amala Groom and Dale Collier. Don’t Fence Me In is an art installation about reciprocity and the environment. As a site-responsive creative action Don’t Fence Me In pulls apart and reconsiders ideas of trust…

    23 Apr - 16 Jun
  14. Parramatta Heritage Festival

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Sunday 19 May 2019 , Parramatta

    Connecting People, Places and the Past: celebrating Parramatta’s rich heritage and culture. Parramatta’s unique and diverse heritage will go on display through a rich program of events, activities and talks planned to coincide with the…

    23 Apr - 19 May
  15. Suzanne Archer: Song of the Cicada

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Sunday 05 May 2019 , Campbelltown

    In 2019 Campbelltown Arts Centre will present Suzanne Archer’s 50 year retrospective exhibition titled, Suzanne Archer: Song of the Cicada. The exhibition will explore three major themes which recur in Archer’s practice – death and…

    23 Apr - 05 May
  16. Kids vs Wild: Shelter

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 , Camden

    Join the Education Rangers for play and games centred around survival in the wild! People all need shelter in the Wild – join them for two hours and learn how to survive the Wild and build the ultimate shelter. Have a look how the animals…

    23 Apr
  17. Fun classical guitar lessons

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Friday 31 January 2020 ,

    Hold and play a guitar for the first time, or upgrade your skills, with Yuki, who is studied classical guitar at Chetham's School of Music and Royal College of Music in the U.K. and who has seven years of professional experience in Japan…

    23 Apr - 31 Jan
  18. School holidays at Sydney Olympic Park

    Tuesday 23 April 2019 to Friday 31 January 2020 , Sydney Olympic Park

    From sports and science, to writing and arts, Sydney Olympic Park is where the fun starts! School holidays are a breeze when you're looking for something to do - there is so much happening every holidays at the Park. Don’t miss the…

    23 Apr - 31 Jan