Cycling in Sydney

Cycling is great way to see Sydney. Whether you want to cruise around the harbour foreshore, cycle through lush parklands, tackle a challenging mountain bike trail or join a bike tour, there are plenty of ways to explore the city on two wheels.

A network of integrated cycle paths connects parts of Sydney City and there is even a cycleway across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. For more cycling experiences, check out the Cycleway Finder.

Cycling in Sydney’s north

Family enjoying a bike ride at Manly Beach on Sydney's northern suburbs

Take a ferry to Manly and pedal to secluded coves, beaches and North Head for great harbour views. Bike hire is available from Manly Bike Tours, and there are more than 20km of bike paths and off-road trails in Manly and the Northern Beaches.

Around tranquil Narrabeen Lagoon is an 8.4km off-road nature trail. More than 190 bird species call the large coastal lagoon and surrounding parkland and bushland home. Pockets of Cabbage Tree palms tower over the trail. There are four picnic areas, all with electric barbecues, tables and toilets.

Ride the 7km Perimeter trail at Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, or the shorter Centre trail that takes in scenic views, wildflowers and Aboriginal rock engravings. Further south in Garigal National Park is the Cascades Trail, a medium level trail that traverses Middle Harbour creek.

Cycling in Western Sydney

Wylde MTB Trail at Cecil Park, Sydney West

Over 35km of bike paths weave through Sydney Olympic Park. Download a Bike Safari Map and choose from the 5.5km Parklands Circuit, 7.6km Olympic Circuit, or the 11km River Heritage Circuit. Young kids can ride the Children's Loop in Bicentennial Park. Bike hire is available.

Western Sydney Parklands is vast – more than 5,000 hectares. Cycling tracks snake through the green corridor, including the Wylde Mountain Bike Trail. Or try the Prospect Loop, a sealed 50km off-road cycleway which connects Guildford and Canley Vale on the Parramatta-Liverpool Rail Trail.


Cycling in southern Sydney

Explore the stunning national parks in Sydney’s south. Dharawal National Park near Helensburgh has some excellent cycling trails including the 10B Cycling Trail – a 15km one way route through woodland. In the Royal National Park is the shorter Loftus Loop Trail, with diverse terrain and beautiful scenery.


Cycling in Sydney’s east

Nows The Time To Love NSW, Centennial Park Cycles in Centennial Park, Sydney East

In the eastern suburbs is Centennial Parklands, an idyllic location for cycling. The green oasis is spread over three adjoining parks covering 360 hectares. Hire a bike or pedal car from Centennial Park Cycles or bring your own and ride around these tranquil, beautiful grounds.

Cycling in Sydney FAQs

Is it safe to cycle in Sydney?

Although it is a large city, it is quite safe to cycle in Sydney. You’ll find a number of cycleways throughout Sydney and its surrounds, allowing you to avoid many of the city’s busiest roads. As with any location across Australia, it’s important that you wear a helmet when you ride your bike, use a bell to help you pass pedestrians safely and attach lights to your bike to ensure you are visible to motorists after dark. As you cycle around Sydney, for the safety of you and others, be sure to follow the road rules and any displayed signage.

Is Sydney bike-friendly?

Thanks to its many cycleways, bike lanes and shared paths, Sydney is a bike-friendly city. You’ll find a variety of places to hire a bike throughout Sydney and its suburbs, with plenty of great cycling routes, from coastal cycleways to inner-city bike paths, waiting to be discovered.

To help make your cycling experience as positive as possible, it's important that you ride in dedicated bike lanes and on cycleways when you can, helping you to avoid some of Sydney’s busiest high traffic areas. Be sure to also follow the road rules and make an effort to ensure that your movements are predictable on the road.

Where can I ride a bike in Sydney?

There are plenty of great places across Sydney that are perfect for a bike ride. In the heart of the city, you’ll find dedicated bike lanes and scenic cycleways, while further afield you can discover spectacular coastal bike paths, parkland rides and more. Whether you’re looking for a cycling route to get a workout in or a great way to spend the weekend, you’ll find no shortage of great bike trails to choose from.

Can you ride a bike on the footpath in Sydney?

In general, riding a bike on the footpath is not permitted in Sydney. Cyclists under the age of 16 years and adults accompanying them, however, may do so unless there is a ‘No Bicycles’ sign displayed.

Can cyclists ride two abreast in NSW?

In NSW, cyclists may ride two abreast, but must not be more than 1.5 metres apart, riding as close together as it is safe to do so.

Is it illegal to ride a bike without a helmet in NSW?

Cyclists of all ages must wear an approved bicycle helmet when riding in NSW. The helmet must be securely fitted and appropriately fastened. This rule also applies to children who are carried as passengers in a bicycle trailer or on a bike.

Can you ride a bike drunk in NSW?

No, you cannot ride drunk in NSW. If you are found to be riding while under the influence of alcohol, you could be fined or imprisoned.

Can you ride a bike over the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Yes, you can bike over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but you must ride within the dedicated cycleway. Cyclists are not permitted to ride on any other part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Can I take my bike on public transport?

You can travel with a bike on Metro, Sydney and Intercity trains and on ferries for free, when there is space available. However bikes cannot be taken on buses.