The Unmapped Road Trip

11 May 2012

Hi I’m Dustin. I’m the community manager for Sydney & New South Wales. I was the one sending tweets and posts the whole time, as well as listening to everyone’s questions, comments, and requests that helped guide the bus on this incredible month long adventure.

Last month we brought together six world travellers, put them on a month-long road trip to capture the best that New South Wales has to offer. We pulled travellers from all over the world to provide a rich perspective on the unique experiences to be had in NSW.

We called it the #unmapped Road Trip as there was no set itinerary. The route was determined by the suggestions of our fans and followers, tourism operators and destinations belonging to our online social community. We had one goal in mind – to complete as many awesome experiences as possible in 30 days.

So, what happens when you combine an Aussie, and American, a Kiwi, 2 Canucks, and a Brit, you put them in 1 bus and send them on a 30 day road trip through New South Wales with no itinerary?

The #unmapped bus

Now that we’re home we can recap all our stories and share them with future travellers. Over the next month I’m going to show you what we did, with help from our #unmapped team (Kelly, Seattle, John, Kyle, and Josh). If you’re a young traveller who is interested in backpacking and exploring Australia then follow along and I’ll try to show you what NSW is all about and all the amazing things to experience.


The #unmapped Blogger