The People you meet

7 May 2012

Over the 31 days of the trip, we got to meet some interesting and, most importantly, memorable characters. Often you don’t know how significant these people will be on the trip till months after.

Whether it is watching the news mentioning the town you went to that brings the memories flooding back, or flicking through your old photos, the individuals that you meet along the way can shape the outcome of your trip.

For example, Wayne from Port Macquarie offered to take us surfing. Took us to a secret spot and ultimately made the most memorable part of the trip. Admittedly, he took the puss* (*to take the piss out of someone is basically another term for heckling, to joke around – spelt ‘Puss’ as that is apparently how us kiwi’s pronounce piss) out of my accent the whole time. Take a piddle in the water*. (Translated, take a paddle in the water). Either way, my point is made.

Anyway, below are some of photos of people I met along the way that still leave an impression with me, and encourage all travellers to get you and meet the locals. You never know what you will find:

Our informative and knowledgeable tour guide at the Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk. Would and should have been a comedian if he wasn’t so dam good at his job.

Cookie at the Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk

The Dog 

After turning up in The Hunter Valley, the first winery we went to was The Piggs Peake Winery, after noticing an impressive advertising campaign in the Hunter Valley Tourism magazine. (Wear the Fox Hat now Steve?). Steve recommended we go see his mate The Dog. So we did.

One hell of a guy, 6ft something, massive hands but the most top all round guy you could expect to meet. Gave us all sorts of insights into The Hunter Valley, sampled some of his wine and then went on our way.

Kyle with The Dog

And of course there are the shawties!

Surfest bikini girls

And after all that, if you find you can’t handle the Australian local, you can always go dive with sharks or get acquainted with the wildlife, which we did also:

Kelly diving with sharks at Manly

Stand up dog paddle

Kyle Bell

New Zealand

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