Chief Funster racks up almost half a million fun moments in NSW in three months

19 March 2014

Click the image below for the stats from the Funster Experiment!

Destination NSW’s Chief Funster, Andrew Smith, has hit the halfway mark of his ‘Best Job in the World’ gig, and is well ahead of schedule to have 802,000 moments of fun – one for each square kilometre of the State – in six months.

Since arriving in NSW on 18 December last year, the Californian native has already tallied up more than 480,000 fun moments as part of The Funster Experiment challenge to prove NSW is the most fun place in the world for youth travellers. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

Andrew’s dream job kicked off in a dream location – Sydney on New Year’s Eve. Of the 1.6 million people packed into Sydney, he high fived 187 of them and watched the city burst to life with 136, 000 fireworks at the stroke of midnight.

The Funster quickly discovered Australia’s quirky sense of humour at the Parkes Elvis Festival in Central NSW. Dressed as the King of Rock himself, Andrew mixed with 18,000 Elvii (plural of Elvis) in this celebration of all things Elvis – blue suede shoes, sideburns and flares compulsory. Central NSW continued to entertain with the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Andrew was among the 55,000 visitors in town for the 10-day celebration featuring 4,000 different shows and 800 performers. Off stage, one Tamworth local in particular stole the show – Charlotte, the massive pig, chased Andrew for a good ten minutes, watch it here:

Andrew’s inner thrill-seeker has been highly satisfied after several exhilarating experiences around NSW. The highlight has been freefalling for 60 seconds while skydiving in Wollongong, but he was the envy of many at the Top Gear Festival Sydney after two hot laps with the Stig. He abseiled 90 metres at Empress Falls in the Blue Mountains and slid down 91 metres on the Typhoon waterslide at Wet’n’Wild Sydney, watch him slide in the video below.

Sydney impressed Andrew with its message of diversity, equality and love at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade, one of the world’s most joyous and spectacular celebrations of LGBTQI pride. The city swelled with a kaleidoscope of colour as a record 144 glitter-filled floats (a whole 400 kg of glitter, in fact!) advanced through the heart of Sydney’s LGBT district alongside Andrew and 9,100 other brightly-clad parade participants.

While the first three months have flown by, there’s still plenty of fun in store. The Chief Funster says the real challenge isn’t finding the fun, it’s fitting all the fun into just six months!

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