Day 5: Sandboarding in Port Stephens

17 June 2013

Sandboarding Stockton Dunes, Port Stephens

What if that was possible to ride camels on the beach and surf sand dunes up to 40 metres high — and only a few hours away from Sydney? Well, it’s more than possible at the Port Stephens sand dunes. Stockton Beach has it all. Thick bush, silky sand and tumultuous ocean visible in a single panorama. All while being completely deserted, for the most part. Get ready to shred some sand, dude!

Half the fun is just getting there. If you book with Sand Dune Safaris, you’ll get there in a souped-up military Hummer, ride up the dunes before coming to the edge of a nearly vertical cliff of sand. Just like at a rave, the driver says, “Wait for the drop!” and goes hurdling down the other side, en route to the slopes. There you’ll find an instructor awaiting you, ready to teach you how to conquer the sand cliffs. You’ll begin by sitting down and eventually progress to braving the peaks standing upright. If you’re an adrenaline addict, you’ll be in your element! If you’re a bit nervous, don’t worry! You can find manageable little hills, as well as those gargantuan dunes that crave a solid shred.

As you smoothly (and quickly!) descend the slopes and reach the bottom, you’ll be surprised by just how relaxing the experience is. Go ahead and roll in the sand at the bottom. When you look up at the sky, alone, surrounded by sand eroded by millions of years, you might just leave the dunes more chilled out than when you arrived —then you get back in the Hummer!