People taking road trips in NSW

8 May 2012

New South Wales is one of the world’s best destinations for taking a road trip, and I’ve been on a lot of road trips.

Really though, I’ve done the ‘cross-Canada thing, and once drove for nineteen hours straight without stopping. I know road trips well, and driving around New South Wales was the best one yet.

The great thing about NSW, is that you don’t really have to have any particular route in mind—hence the “unmapped road trip”. We didn’t spend any time planning, and we just hit the road with a general idea of what we wanted to see.

Road trips are meant to be spontaneous, and ours was just that. Between last-minute skydiving in Wollongong and guinea pig racing in Grenfell, it was anything but boring.


We drove for hours, as the changing landscape whirred past our windows, and napped in the back seats. We played car (mind you—it was mainly “words with friends”, on our iPhones) games, and made a million gas station pit stops.

It was interesting to spend only one or two nights in each place, and then get back on the road. I thought that I would tire of the constant relocation, but, by the end I was craving the idea of seeing something new each day.

Blue Mountains

Our trusty little bus managed to take us south of Sydney, and then back up around the Blue Mountains. Then, it headed west to the country towns of NSW, and then east to Hunter Valley. After a few nights in Newcastle, it headed up the coast and eventually back down to Sydney.

I think that this route worked perfectly for us, but I’d love to do it all over again, and perhaps visit some new areas that we missed along the way. I’d also love to head further west into the outback.

Road tripping in New South Wales is definitely something that I will never forget.

The unmapped bus

Seattle Dredge