NSW through the lens

26 June 2012

NSW Road Trip

In March of 2012 I was given the opportunity of a lifetime.

I got to travel from Vancouver, Canada to Sydney, Australia for a month long road trip to film tourism videos for New South Wales. I met people that I’ll never forget and I got to experience the equivalent of most people’s bucket lists in just 30 short days.

Armed with a 5D Mark 2, a couple lenses, and a laptop, I was tasked with documenting the trip and talking to passionate tourists and locals in order to capture the essence of NSW. To show, in as many ways as I could, why it’s an amazing place. I experienced it for the first time myself, and I like to think that feeling comes across in the videos.

But being in NSW, Australia wasn’t the only first for me, among the long list of other firsts are: skydiving, parasailing, driving a quad in the sand dunes, eating a crocodile pie and a kangaroo pizza, being on a float in a mardi gras parade, riding a camel on the beach, riding a horse in the mountains, abseiling, getting my first tattoo, and that’s just the beginning.

After the trip, I produced these 8 videos. I hope you enjoy watching them and that at least a small sense of what it was like to be there. I’ll never forget my time there and I can honestly recommend it to anyone who has ever wanted to go. Along with everyone else.

Josh Huculiak