NSW Music & Nightlife

8 May 2012

New South Wales is one of the world’s best destinations for music and nightlife.

The bars and clubs in Sydney alone are worth the trip, but the rest of the State offers endless possibilities in live music gigs, evening activities and parties.

I’m not sure if I could pin-point my absolute favourite location for NSW night life (because they were all pretty awesome), but I could probably talk for days about the about the amazing time that I had over the course of one month.
Sydney Mardi Gras party
Music and nightlife aren’t always about going to the newest club, or waking up with a hangover (strangely, I somehow seemed to avoid all of these morning-headaches). Sometimes it just means having a good time with friends and enjoying the night wherever you may be.

Upon leaving Sydney, we headed down the South Coast to Wollongong, Gerringong and Jervis Bay. We rented a really nice beach house, where we were able to relax, have a few drinks and even cook our own meals.

Other notable spots for night life were all of the beach towns along the coast. Once we hit Byron Bay, we were all excited for the night to come, so we could get some drinks and have some fun. Each town on the way south proved to be just as good a time, and we were never disappointed.

Sydney night life

Without getting into details (because, what happens in Nimbin stays in Nimbin), I have to insist that you make a stop in the infamous little town that nearly claimed me as a new resident. Nimbin was, by far, the best night of partying that I had on the trip. If that’s not enough to convince you, I urge that you Google it immediately.

Music seems to be a pretty big deal in NSW. I noticed a lot of venues with live music, especially outside of the big city. I was actually the most blown away with a young boy that was playing guitar at the Bangalow Market, outside of Byron Bay. He was singing a very different, yet luring cover to Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks”.

We ended the trip by spending our last night at the Oxford Art Factory back in Sydney, watching Alison Wonderland perform. It was great to have met Alison earlier in the trip, and then finally see her live. I’m not usually a big fan of dance clubs, but I was glad to be having a good time with everyone before we said goodbye.

Next time someone asks me about my favourite destinations for music and nightlife, I am definitely going to tell them New South Wales.

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