Day 3: Sydney Swans try outs

15 June 2013

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I’m American. What that means is that I had no clue what the heck I was doing when I ran onto the Sydney Cricket Grounds field and then through a massive Citibank banner to play some footy. We immediately met Adam Goodes, captain of the Sydney Swans, to drill for a sport I had no idea about––talk about full on!

As massive as the Swans players are (culturally and physically), they are equally as welcoming and nice which made things completely inviting right off the bat. We learned about handpassing and marking and had to do it right away. In the States, we’d get fouled in any of our sports for jumping off somebody’s back, but you’re telling me that’s how to win this crazy game? Count me in. They loaded balls into a machine that shot the ball at us as we jumped off a springboard to catch it in mid-air. Our group seemed split about committing to all these crazy moves; some people went for it and others were hesitant. With a GoPro strapped to your head, there’s no room for hesitation here. Check out how it went …from my head!