Backpacking in NSW

16 May 2012

NSW Road Trip

New South Wales is one of the world’s best destinations for backpacking.

I’m not sure if you can really consider the unmapped trip as a backpacking trip; it was probably more of a flashpacking road trip. However, my shoulders might beg to differ from the weight they carried in backpacks and constant movement.

At least, I was able to see through the eyes of what a backpacker might experience in New South Wales.

Being a backpacker means traveling to experience new things and meet new people (usually, other backpackers). I experienced more in NSW than I could ever imagine, and met some pretty amazing people along the way.

The best part of the backpacking experience was our stays at hostels. As a fairly regular traveler, I have spent my fair share of time in hostels. And, by fair time, I mean countless nights in numerous hostels around the world.

I have seen a lot of nice hostels (in fact—I’ve slept in the hostel that was rated #1 in the world), and a lot of not-so-nice hostels. The YHA hostels that we stayed at in NSW were definitely on the higher end of that spectrum, and even comparable to the best.

One of the things I noticed that set them apart was the outdoor element to them all. Instead of feeling like I was stuck inside of some stuffy old dorm room, I would get a breath of fresh air from simply walking to the bathroom or common room. It never got very cold, so even if I had to go out in the middle of the night, I was always comfortable.

Another great thing was being able to talk to other travellers and see what they were doing in the area. Because of this, we were able to find new things to do, that might not have been in the guide books.

I’d definitely recommend New South Wales to anyone looking for a place to go backpacking. You’ll stay warm with the agreeable climate, and never tire of the ever-changing landscape.

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