Sydney Sunrise Photo Tips with Hirsty

14 September 2015

Hirsty Photography shows us how to take the perfect ‪#‎ilovesydney‬ sunrise!

Little Ray of Sunshine, Clovelly

Clovelly Beach – there is a lovely pool that is often very quiet at sunrise, so great for photography. The trick here is to get down very low to the water to get the reflection. I was actually lying down when I took this shot.

Bondi Beach Desserted

Bondi Beach – this one is a very long exposure so the water is flat and the clouds blurry. You’ll need a tripod and a dark filter to allow the long exposure.

Branching Out, Sydney Opera House

Hickson Rd Reserve – just under the Harbour Bridge is a great place to shoot the rising sun over the Opera House. Try to get something in the foreground for added interest and depth.

Daybreak, Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach – a fantastic spot to capture the sunrise over the ocean. There’s a beautiful rock pool and interesting rock formations all around and Bondi is in the distance!

Pretty Web at Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach – if you’re lucky you’ll sometimes see beautiful sunrises like this at Bondi. No skill in capturing this when nature turns it on, just point and shoot with your camera, phone or whatever else you have to hand!

Puffed Up, Northern Beaches

Narrabeen Pool – at the north end of Narrabeen Beach is this beautiful beach pool. Try to get there on a day with no wind and no swimmers so you get the reflection!

Red Velvet Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach – the best sunrise I have ever experienced. All the morning beach-goers literally stopped in their tracks to watch this unfold. Tricky to capture as the light and colour was just so intense but when mother nature puts on a show like this it’s hard not to take a decent snap!

Solstice - Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach – incredibly this sunrise was the very next day after the intense red sunrise in this album. Shot in the middle of winter on the shortest day of the year – the winter solstice. Sydney tends to get the most intense colour sunrises in winter so it’s often worth braving the cold!

Trio - Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach – if you’re fortunate enough to see dolphins jumping, especially if it’s right on sunrise, try to capture some foreground and background as well, rather than just photographing the dolphin itself. It brings the viewer into the photo a lot more and gives the image a sense of place and perspective

Winter Spray - Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach – another of Sydney’s stunning beach pools, this one is very photogenic due to its position and unique shape. This is a very long expsoure of 60 seconds to create the dreamy feel

Avalon Sunrise, Northern Beaches

Avalon Beach – on the Northern Beaches this is a stunning beach with another great beach pool. From up above on the cliffs at the south end there’s a great view of the entire beach and rising sun

Sydney Opera House Sunrise

Hickson Rd Reserve – right near the Park Hyatt Hotel is a great view for the sunrise. You can try to line up the Opera House with the rising sun to grab a shot like this.

Light Spray - Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach – sometimes in Sydney all the conditions just line up, like on this golden morning where the surf was perfect and the sun dropped “fingers of God” light sprays through the cloud

Peeking, Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach – at low-tide it’s great to get down low to capture the sunrise reflection in the sand. To capture the best reflection you need to time your shot perfectly – just after the small wash heads back out to sea and leaves the sand wet in its trail. It only lasts a second or two so you need to be quick!