Royal National Park

21 September 2012

We got up early last Sunday for a walk in the Royal National Park. The weather was fantastic – a perfect 10-out-10 spring day in Sydney. I hoped we could go for a swim at Wattamolla maybe in the lagoon or check out the waves at Garie. But it was still a bit too cold even through the water was the most amazing blue cobalt colour and very tempting. How lucky are we to have such a fantastic place so close to home? It makes me breathe easily at night just thinking about the Royal! I even think about how beautiful it is when I’m at work.

But this Sunday we did our favourite walk south from Wattamolla car park which takes about two hours there and back. I guess it’s about half-way along the main coastal walk which I’d love to do one day.  It’s 26 km so a bit serious but there are some really nice places to camp along the way. Anyway, back to last Sunday. It was so quiet on the track, lots of little birds for Lord Muck to take photos of with his big new lens. I managed to jog up the bits of the track that have chain-metal walkways.  The trek back to the car park was just as good with a cool breeze and not too much heat in the sun, lots of wildflowers, ocean and cliffs. Plus, still no people. How good is that?