Featured Photographer: Lauren Proctor

22 July 2015

My name is Lauren Proctor and I am a trained Graphic Designer from Sydney. I discovered my interest in photography not long after I bought my first Nikon DSLR camera. It was the bottom of the range, nothing fancy, but I was having fun mucking around with it. My interest grew even further when I bought a slightly better Nikon and a decent lens before heading off with a one-way ticket to Vancouver, Canada.

With no plans, no job and all the time in the world, I taught myself how to take better photos. Focusing predominantly on landscapes and animals, as I find people too predictable, I found myself traveling around specifically for the purpose of taking photos. I met other photographers in my travels and learned things from them, but for the most part, everything I have achieved has been through personal trial and error.

After returning back to Sydney 15 months later, my photography has seen me explore a lot of coastline, a few inland spots and created a giant ‘to-do’ list to capture the beauty and diversity of New South Wales. I have lost sleep, used a lot of petrol, lost feeling in my fingers and toes and been battered by a few waves all for the love and excitement of getting ‘that’ shot. I will continue to try and capture better photos while using it as a pretty good excuse to go on little adventures and share my findings with the world. Enjoy!

Cheers, Lauren.


North Narrabeen Tidal Pool, Northern Beaches

Sunrise under some juicy looking clouds at North Narrabeen Tidal Pool, Northern Beaches

Collaroy, Northern Beaches

Overlooking Long Reef at first light at Collaroy, Northern Beaches

Harbour Bridge, Sydney City

Sydney City by night – taken from the Harbour Bridge, Sydney City

Sydney Taronga Zoo

Majestical king of the jungle… or at least the king of Sydney Taronga Zoo

Coogee Beach, Sydney East

First rays of the morning sun at Coogee Beach, Sydney East

Bondi panorama

An early morning Bondi panorama

skyline of Sydney City

Unusual purple hues surrounded the city skyline on this particular early morning, Sydney City

Sydney reflections, Milsons Point

Sydney reflections in all their glory, Milsons Point

Luna Park, Sydney

The famouse giant head of Luna Park, Sydney

Hornby Lighthouse, Watsons Bay

Twenty minutes after sunset, Hornby Lighthouse looks great, even after a rain storm, Watsons Bay

Taronga Zoo, Mosman

All together now… Say Cheese! at Taronga Zoo, Mosman

Bondi Beach

Overlooking Bondi from balconies at sunrise

Camp Cove, Watsons Bay

Sunsets and storm clouds over Sydney’s skyline from Camp Cove, Watsons Bay

Vivid Sydney - 2014

The iconic Opera House as seen at Vivid Sydney during 2014

Narrabeen, Northern Beaches

Fiery sunrise at Narrabeen Head really emphasises the importance of clouds

Mahon Pool - Maroubra

High tides and approaching storms at Mahon Pool – Maroubra

Cremorne Point

Sydney under the stars from Cremorne Point

rain storm - Watsons Bay

Twenty minutes after sunset, Hornby Lighthouse looks great, even after a rain storm – Watsons Bay

Sydney's China Town

Time moves equally fast and slow in Sydney’s China Town

Bronte Beach, Sydney East

The first sunrise of 2015 as seen from Bronte Beach, Sydney East

Sydney Opera House

The supermoon shines over the Sydney Opera House