Featured Photographer: Brett Rylance

22 August 2014

I started my photographic journey in 1990 when I purchased my first SLR. I was in the Royal Australian Navy at the time and we were off on a seven month deployment around the world. I wanted to bring back some images of Europe and the Americas to share with my family and it sparked my passion for photography.

Unfortunately I didn’t make the early transition to digital photography. I kept my SLR for many years but it ended up staying inside my camera bag more times than not. That being said my passion for photography never waned. I bought a couple of good digital “point and shoots” for a while which kept me interested and had often thought of buying a DSLR but never did. To be honest I wondered if I could learn this new technology and was even a bit disillusioned about why we needed to transition from film.

As is often the case, an outside influence changed all of that. For me this influence was a tragic one. I received the worst news a parent could receive; my eldest son had lost his life in a car accident. Initially my grief was so overwhelming that I wanted to give up on life and turn my back on everything that was important to me.

While dealing with my loss was very difficult (and still is), my interest in photography resurfaced. Over time it became quite clear to me how short life is and if you are really passionate about something then you should embrace it and never give up. I started researching digital photography and finally bought a new DSLR. Once again this was right before another trip – this time a family trip to Phuket in Thailand.

I quickly realised what I had been missing; the enjoyment of going on a shoot, producing an image of what I felt and saw, and of course all of the technology advancements that digital photography brings. It has really bridged the gap between the enthusiast and professional levels, which is fantastic.

My photographic journey continues and I am now a semi-professional photographer. I operate my own photography business in Sydney called Sydney Hills Photography. I offer a diverse range of photography services in NSW and sell stock photos and prints.

I have lived in Sydney for 29 years and love all that this region has to offer. It is a remarkable city and capturing its beauty and the people who live or visit here is a real blessing. Photographs for me are a way of telling a story about a particular point in time. This is the main reason I love photography; it is so much more than beautiful images. It is more that the image portrays a message that is simple to comprehend visually, yet cannot be adequately put into a simple description. I really strive to represent this in my images – presenting a view of life through the lens and telling a story of our beautiful world and the living things in it that make it so special.

You will often find me out shooting in areas of Sydney most weekends. It does take up a lot of my time but it is my passion and we should never be guilty of doing the things we love. I often reflect on a Burk Uzzle quote: “photography is a love affair with life”

Website: sydneyhillsphotography.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/brettrylancephotography
Pinterest: pinterest.com/brettrylance/
Twitter: twitter.com/brettrylance14

 Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge bathed in the setting sun

Bronte Bath

Leading down to the rock pool at sunrise at Bronte

 Sydney Harbour Bridge, Milson's Point

A view under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Milson’s Point

Seagulls at Bondi

Two seagulls jostling for their piece of sand at Bondi

Early Morning, Warriewood Beach

Catching an early morning wave at Warriewood Beach

 Eastern Sydney rocks - Bronte to Tamarama

Outlook, fishing and surfing off the Eastern Sydney rocks – Bronte to Tamarama

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair view

Sitting and relaxing in Sydney’s well known vista, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair – The Royal Botanic Gardens

Anchored at North Sydney

A boat at anchor with a colourful background of harbour foreshore buildings, view of North Sydney (Kirribilli)

MCA, The Rocks

People gather at the MCA, The Rocks

Bronte's rock pool

Early morning swimmers at Bronte’s rock pool, Bronte

Sydney Opera House, Milson's Point

Sydney Opera House at night framed by the harbour bridge pylons, Milson’s Point

Harbour Bridge and cityscape, Kirribilli

A night view of Sydney Harbour Bridge and cityscape, Kirribilli

The Bronte Beach baths

The Bronte Beach baths at Sunrise

Norwest Lake, Baulkham Hills

Norwest Lake at Bella Vista after sunset, Baulkham Hills

morning light at Warriewood

A surfer enters the morning light at Warriewood

Surfers in the Sun, Bronte

Surfers in the Sun at Bronte

Bennelong Point - Sydney Opera House

A beautiful sunrise erupts over Sydney in the morning, Bennelong Point (Sydney Opera House)

Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay

The Sydney Harbour Bridge backdrops the Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay

  • Carl

    Inspirational photos and inspirational story. Thanks for sharing both with us Brett. You have a gift that needs to be shared. Awesome!

    • Brett

      Thanks Carl, appreciate your comments and I am glad I could share with you and others

  • Kathrin

    Amazing photos Brett – would love to see more

  • Mary Patricia

    Your gallery is spectacular, gorgeous images. Thank you for sharing your story. I too find myself lost in photography, a therapy of sorts, ever more so during times of great turmoil. My condolences to you and your family. Best of wishes to you ~