Featured Photographer: Aquabumps

9 November 2015

Aquabumps is an iconic Australian ocean photography brand founded by Australian photographer Eugene Tan in 1999.  Aquabumps specialises in photographs of beach life, both above and below the ocean, taken by Eugene at his local beach; Bondi, and from his travels around the world from the Amalfi coast to Hawaii.

What started out as an email to friends with a couple of snaps of the local surf conditions has spawned into a web phenomenon known in surfing/beach communities as Aquabumps.

Eugene Tan grew up in Western Australia and started surfing in the Cottesloe shore break at age three, clinging to his father’s back. By 13, he was riding the rogue swells of Margaret River on a short board. Today, he still spends every spare moment immersed in the ocean, but now he’s taking photos when he’s not surfing.

Eugene’s fascination for photography started early taking pictures as a teenager and continued as he studied photography at University as part of his design degree. After 10 years as a Creative Director for a leading digital agency, Eugene left the city to concentrate full time as a professional photographer and blogger.

Today, Eugene combines both of his passions – surfing and photography – in his successful photography business, Aquabumps. Eugene Tan captures Bondi Beach at sunrise every day, and has done so for 15 years, sending his images to more than 250,000 people each morning (Facebook, Instagram and website combined). The photographs provide a lifestyle documentation of the beach and ocean as seen through his eyes.

“I’m completely fascinated by the ocean – the depth of colour, the state of flux and the variations of light. The Aquabumps website and emails are designed for ocean lovers, stuck in an office or away from the ocean, so I try to make my photos give the impression you’re right there, seeing what I see.”

Website: www.aquabumps.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/aquabumps/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/aquabumps/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/aquabumps

Bronte Beach

A unique angle of the infamous Bronte Pool at Bronte Beach – captured from a helicopter on a stunning summers day.

Tallows Beach in Byron Bay

Tallows Beach in Byron Bay – this surfer got the surprise of his life as he surfed amongst a pod of dolphins. Very typical of the Byron coast line at this time of year in October where the sea is alive with dolphins and whales.

New Years Day Bondi Beach

Captured on New Years Day where the beach is packed with thousands of people in peak summer – this is typical of a summers day in Bondi Beach.

Icebergs - Bondi Beach

Icebergs – Bondi Beach

A beautiful hive of activity

A beautiful hive of activity

Bondi Beach sunrise

A magical sunrise over Ben Buckler in Bondi Beach

Kombi Van - Bondi Beach

A lone local kombi van parked in an empty car park of Bondi Beach early one morning

Early morning Bondi

The colours of an early morning in Bondi

Swimming at Bondi Beach

Swimming at Bondi Beach

Magic - Bondi Beach

Magic – Bondi Beach

Surfing Glass - Bondi Beach

Surfing Glass – Bondi Beach on a beautiful summers day, captured surfers and swimmers from a chopper

Tamarama Colours, Sydney East

Tamarama Colours, Sydney East

The Beach Inspector - Bondi Beach

The Beach Inspector – Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Surfers - Bondi Beach

White Line Up – Morning ritual of surfers patiently awaiting the next set, captured at Bondi Beach

  • Gloria Paddock

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful place.