Experience Sydney’s scariest ghost tours!

28 October 2013

Think you can stomach a ghost tour? Check out Sydney's scariest.

Historic Sydney comes alive with some of the best ghost tours in the country, with inexplicable events that will give you shivers up your spine and a strong desire to sleep with the light on.

Here are just three of these spooky haunts, if you dare…

The Rocks Ghost Tour

Stepping onto the shores of Australia for the first time, the first settlers had no inkling of the tales the people of the 21st century would tell about them in several hundred years.

Begin your journey in The Rocks. Here, your ghostly tour leader will guide you by lantern light over cobbles and through side streets, sharing spooky stories of souls who walked the streets before you, in all of their unsightly glory and shady past.

It will take just two hours to challenge your senses amongst the hidden streets of this area, whether you book as a large party or in a smaller group. Bring your friends and family to share in the scary fun.

Q Station ghost tours

As soon as you find out that the ‘Q’ in Q Station stands for ‘Quarantine’, then you know it’s going to be a touch different to your usual set of historic buildings.

Located in an isolated spot of Manly at the former North Head Quarantine Station, this set of buildings is perfect for the haunting. Set in the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbour, you are sure to experience many chills and thrills.

If a migrant was suspected of carrying any form of contagious disease they were sent here from the early 1830s up to as recently as 1984. This was in order to protect the local community from any harmful bugs, which, naturally – or supernaturally – makes for some great and ghastly ghost stories.

Gledswood Homestead

This Sydney West homestead dates back to the early 1800s, when a team of convicts built the structure on 113 acres (unlucky 13, anyone?), and some of them never left.

It’s a history lesson and a thriller movie rolled into one, and with a skilled psychic medium leading the tour, you’re sure not to miss a single vibration in the air or murmuring in the dark.

Your tour is lit only by the power of hand-held torches, and will take you through the spirit-saturated cellar and even the canine-haunted pet cemetery.

Bookings are a must, so give them a call prior to plan your spooky outing!

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