Enjoy Sydney Harbour while staying (relatively) dry

28 June 2013

Almost no picture of Sydney is complete without a scenic shot of the harbour, and there is a veritable treasure trove of things to do to enjoy this attraction.

Sydney Harbour

Aerial of Royal Botanic Gardens and Sydney Harbour, Image Credit Ethan Rohloff

Here are three suggestions that will let you make the most of Sydney Harbour‘s stunning scenery, without diving right in.

Jet Boating Sydney Harbour

Jet Boating, Sydney Harbour – Image Credit Daniel Boud


Jetboating on Sydney Harbour will leave you feeling exhilarated, wind-swept and ready for another go.

Prepare to do 270 degree spins and lose your breath to power-brake stops and 80 kilometre per hour speeds as you zip around the Harbour.

Each vessel is fitted with top-notch safety equipment and weatherproof clothing is provided – just in case.

Sailing on Sydney Harbour

Sailing on Sydney Harbour with Eastsail, Image Credit James Pipino


Sydney would hardly be Sydney without the array of boats dotting the shoreline, which naturally means that there is a plethora of boating opportunities for sea-loving explorers.

For something a bit different to your usual sailing trip however, check out the two-hour sailing opportunity aboard the Southern Swan, Sydney’s only authentic timber tall ship.

While feeling like something of a pirate, you can nibble away at a finger food meal and sit back and relax as you watch the landmarks float by, or even get your hands dirty (metaphorically) and help hoist the sails.

Kayaking at Manly Cove,

Couple Kayaking at Manly Cove, Image Credit James Pipino


Kayaking on the Harbour is an ideal way to get surrounded by water water everywhere without getting a drop of it on you!

There are two options for touring the harbour; Middle Harbour Eco Tour and Kayaks Coffee Tour.

On the Eco Tour, you’ll get to enjoy the scenery of the Garigal National Park and learn about the natural and social history of the area.

Matilda Cruise Boat Sailing

Matilda Cruise Boat Sailing under the Harbour Bridge, Image Credit Robert Wallace

Fresh coffee and tea are a staple of the Coffee Tour, but come paddle in hand with a trip to Grotto Point and Middle Head for an adventure into the hidden waterways around Sydney.


Cruises on the harbour offer a tranquil and idyllic was to enjoy the local scenery.

Book yourself in on a whale watching cruise, a Captain Cook dinner cruise, a champagne brunch or one of the many other delightful options available for a luxurious adventure on the harbour.


Sydney Seaplane

Sydney Seaplanes, Image Credit James Horan

Another way to see the harbour is from the sky!

This is an experience unlike any other, as boarding a seaplane and flying over the harbour will give you a view that you usually only get to see on postcards.

You can choose from a selection of flight operators depending on exactly how long you want to go for and what you want to see.

Once you’ve experienced some (or all!) of these harbour adventures, plan your next experience in the city with Sydney tours.