There’s Nothing Like… Taking a stroll through the Chinese Garden of Friendship

16 October 2011

Darling Harbour chinese garden

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Discover, explore, revitalize, and relax – there’s nothing like taking a serene stroll through the Chinese Garden of Friendship at Darling Harbour.  Right in the middle of Sydney sits a wonderful place, full of charm and Chinese character.  Developed in 1988 during Australia’s Bicentenary, the gardens were made possible by the local Chinese Community.

A breathtaking oasis filled with stunning waterfalls, large rock formations, and exotic plants. When standing in the middle of the gardens you can often forget that you are in the heart of a large metropolitan city.  When visiting the gardens, I have often overheard visitors compare the Sydney Gardens to that of the Yu Garden in Shanghai, China.

Stroll around the hidden stone pathways and look around every corner for something new to explore such as traditional carvings, sculptures and a Chinese bonsai nursery. If you are up for a little fun, you can dress up in Chinese clothing and take your own pictures for a small fee.  Throw your inhibitions to the wind; it’s a great keepsake to have! At the end of your walk, enjoy a cup of tea while viewing the koi fish and birds in the bond, an ideal location for a picnic lunch.  Make sure you bring a camera!

Have you had an unforgettable experience at the Chinese Garden of Friendship?