Circular Quay

A vibrant and exciting place, Circular Quay offers the visitor a unique insight into the dynamic spirit of Sydney.

At once a busy transport hub for commuters – the bustling interchange between terminating harbour ferry services and the railway – Circular Quay is also commonly thronged with tourists enjoying its spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, outdoor cafes, and buskers that line the pavements.

Once the founding site for Sydney and Australia, Circular Quay is positioned at the Northern end of Sydney’s CBD, and provides access to many of the city’s most iconic attractions.

Get off at Circular Quay railway station and turn right if you wish to visit Sydney’s Opera House or Royal Botanical Gardens. Turn left and Sydney’s historical rocks district and the Harbour Bridge are just a short stroll away.

If you’re visiting the city for the first time and don’t know where to begin, head to Circular Quay – you’ll discover Sydney there!

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