Featured Photographer: Adriano Leite

11 March 2016

Hi everyone,

My name is Adriano Leite, Brazilian-Australian “citizen of the world” based in Sydney, which I proudly call home. Photography was always a passion of mine but I never pursued it until one of those “-OMG, are you crazy?” decisions (quit a good, stable and secure job to travel the world and deep-dive into photography). I let the creative juices flow for once, and decided that photography is an inherent part of my life. And here I am.

Having brought balance to my life between following my passion and refocusing my career in IT enabled me to open my photography business and, as life would have it, things are looking promising with my work being sold/licensed world-wide. How could I imagine that a couple of years ago! But believing in a dream is what drives us, and I never thought it would be so rewarding!

Since I believe that knowledge is only valuable when shared, I also teach photography classes and organise photography walks and workshops around Sydney on a regular basis. This gives me the opportunity to meet people and look at our beautiful city from different angles.

And as with everything in life, I’m fully conscious that photography is and will always be an ever-learning path for me. Whenever the path gets too hard and I think about giving up, I open myself to the universe and let the answer come to me. And so far the answer has been consistent: keep going.

To all the readers, feel free to get in touch, I’d love to hear your questions, comments and constructive feedback!

– Adriano Leite Photography

Webpage: www.adrianoleite.com
Instagram: @adrianoleitephoto
Facebook: www.facebook.com/adrianoleitephotography

Sydney Harbour

Sydney’s Shapes and Forms – Panoramic Flight

Christison Reserve - Vaucluse

Sydney Colours – Christison Reserve – Vaucluse

La Perouse - Bare Island

La Perouse – Bare Island

Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi

Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi

Sydney Icons from Lavenders Bay

Sydney Icons from Lavenders Bay

Bondi's true reflections

Bondi’s true reflections

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

Sunset in Cape Cove Beach

Sunset in Cape Cove Beach

Moonrise in Vaucluse - Macquarie Lighthouse

Moonrise in Vaucluse – Macquarie Lighthouse

Wild Storm in Sydney - Vaucluse

Wild Storm in Sydney – Vaucluse

Vivid Festival of Lights

Vivid Festival of Lights

Fisherman at Parsley Beach

Fisherman trying his luck – Parsley Beach

Sydney Icons

Opera House Framed by the Harbour Bridge

 Balls Head, Waverton

Sydney skyline preparing for the sunset – Balls Head, Waverton

Bondi Icebergs

Bondi’s iconic Icebergs

Sunset from Queens Beach

Golden city – Sunset from Queens Beach – Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney getting ready for the footy finals

Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi

Sunrise during the Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi

Sunset in Sydney, Dudley Page Reserve

Sunset in Sydney from Dudley Page Reserve

Macquarie Lighthouse, Watsons Bay

Colorful Sunset – Macquarie Lighthouse, Watsons Bay

Bondi Beach

Good morning to a fitter Bondi – Bondi Beach

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    Extreme Beauty. Gorgeous City. Our SYDNEY !