Top 5 Restaurants in Sydney – TripAdvisor

28 June 2012

Sydney has a wonderful and delicious array of restaurants and cafes that feature cuisine from every corner of the globe. It’s a food blogger’s dream city, so we thought we’d go to TripAdvisor again and see what people where saying about some of the tops eats in the city. This Top 5 isn’t specific to one type of food; it’s simply a mix of all types (ranging from ice cream to fine dining), but it is the top restaurants in Sydney ranked based on reviews. Bon appétit!

Ice Cream
1. Gelato Messina
In a city that can get as hot as Sydney…who doesn’t like ice cream? As an added bonus, if you like to eat on the healthier side of life Gelato Messina prides itself in using ingredients in their most raw and natural state. They make everything from scratch so you don’t have to worry about any nasty additives, preservatives, colours or flavours. Plus their ice cream dairy flavours have less fat content, while their sorbets are fat and dairy free. Travellers and locals alike have called it the “best ice cream in Sydney” and I’m not going to disagree!

breakfast in Sydney
2. The Fine Food Store
Looking for a great place with friendly staff to grab a coffee? Spot of breakfast? Lunch? This is your stop. It’s a wonderful, quiet little escape, off the main path in the middle of a busy city. This little hidden gem is also delightfully affordable when compared to most cafes of this nature! You have the option to dine in or take out— it’s just that easy and quick. Plus there’s free wifi.

3. Thai Pothong
If you’re on the hunt for some seriously good Thai, you just found it! Thai Pothong
has been the winner of the Best Thai Restaurant in Sydney for the past four years in a row. This is a large restaurant so it can get quite busy (I recommend making a reservation), however we’ve heard people say it’s not unpleasant. “The ‘crowd’ adds to the ambiance,” is what one reviewer had to say. The food is the perfect combination of several Eastern cuisines: creamy coconut, tropical flavours, and a nice bit of bite; then there are all the different aromatic spices—it’s heaven!

4. Quay Restaurant
If you’re looking for a wonderful fine dining experience, or if you have a special occasion coming up, make sure you make a reservation at Quay Restaurant. There are some beautiful and sweeping views of Sydney Harbour and the food is phenomenal! This restaurant has been named “Best Restaurant in Australasia” for the third year in a row…and it certainly lives up to the hype! Have you tried the signature dessert, the “Snow Egg”? It’s a heavenly “poached meringue egg, with a “yolk” of custard apple ice cream, coated in a crunchy golden praline maltose shell, sitting on a bed of guava granita and a slick of guava fool”. And then there’s the mouthwatering, chocolate lovers delight—the Eight-Textured Chocolate Cake that was featured on MasterChef Australia.

sydney food












5. Spice I Am
Delicious, affordable, fresh, and friendly are all great words to describe Spice I Am. With a menu full of authentic and unusual dishes, you’re bound to find something you love, and the service is prompt and efficient. You also have the option to BYO instead of ordering wine off the menu. There are a few locations of this great restaurant including Darlinghurst, Balmain and Surry Hills

  • happytimes123

    Spice I am is definitely my number one. But really Gelato Messina?? Is it just because they ask each patron for a review? Gelatissimo is so much better in my book.

    • global

      “Cow and the Moon” is the best nonetheless…

  • Steve

    Ben and Jerrys is 10 times better than Gelato Messina… the latter is just a fancy looking place in a fancy location, it tastes horrible.

  • Dingus

    Gelato Messina tasted quite fake and quite horrible. Actually the only Gelato place in Sydney that I dont want to go back to.


    how about COW & MOON?