The Search for the Best Aussie Pie

7 May 2012

Flaky crisp pastry stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings.

A traditional meal in Australia includes pastries, sausage rolls, and meat pies.  Meat pies are very popular in Australian lunch food and can be found at bakeries, restaurants, and cafes around the country. They’re typically made with mince beef, but can be changed up with a wide variety of fillings.

We knew that Kelly, from the US, was a bit of a foodie, so her mission was to find the best Aussie meat pie in New South Wales. We gave Kelly some help by sending out a message to our online community asking, ‘Where in New South Wales can you find the best Aussie Pie?’ The fans came back with over 90 suggestions!

Robertson Pies

Some of the most suggested sites were the Robertson Pie Shop, Fredo’s Famous Pies, and Harry’s Café de Wheels, of course we had to stop for pie at as many places as possible during the trip.

Fredo's Pies

After tasting countless varieties of pies (beef, bacon and cheese, spinach and feta, vegetable, berry, chicken and mushroom, chicken and mango, chicken curry… ), I still don’t know what ended up being Kelly’s all time favourite type of pie!

Time to get the answer, “So Kelly, have you determined where to find the best Aussie Pie in New South Wales?”

If you want we can always ship you a case.


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