Sydney Food Bloggers Reveal Their Favourite Restaurants

6 June 2014


The Sydney food blogging community has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. It’s a thriving and friendly community that wants to show off what they had for breakfast, brunch and dinner.

Every week there are new food enthusiasts offering their opinions on the internet on where to go for the best feed. As much as food bloggers love new experiences, there’s nothing as comforting as familiarity, so we asked some of Sydney’s best food bloggers to share their favourite restaurants with us.

Vanny from Nessy Eater


“For a Japanese fix, you must go to Masuya because of its fresh sashimi and handmade sushi. You cannot visit the restaurant without ordering their most popular – and my personal favourite – Sapporo hot pot, it’s delish! For dessert, they’ve got you covered with Sake ice-cream, or for matcha fanatics go for green tea brulee.”

Simon from Simon Food Favourites

20130405_3692 est March into Merivale_Moreton Bay bug raviolo, snow pea, tomato, coriander, lemongrass & shellfish vinaigrette S

“I really love the grand dining space, professional yet friendly service and well-presented dishes at est. For many years it’s been my go to place for March into Merivale in March and Good Food Month in October when you can enjoy a fine dining dish with a glass of wine for a special price. I like their approachable and contemporary style of cooking which is refined without being overly tricky and complicated.”

Thang from Noodlies


“Hai Au is a double story restaurant that’s packed each night with hungry local Vietnamese-Australians. The winning formula is home-style with over-the-top Vietnamese decor – there’s a life-sized buffalo by the entrance for example. The open grill by the entrance fires up on weekends for fire-licked grilled chicken or seafood, and they even use it to cook rice so you get delicious burnt, crusty rice. How can you go wrong? Double the taste at half CBD prices.”

Helen from Grab Your Fork


“I love the cheap and cheerful Jasmins Lebanese Restaurant in Lakemba in Sydney’s south-west. It’s run by a warm and friendly family, and the stucco artwork has to be seen to be believed. They do the most incredible falafel too – you can hear the crunch from the next suburb!”

Michael from I’m Still Hungry

Ippudo 6-12-2012-19

“A piping hot bowl of flavoursome broth, noodles at your chosen level of hardness, toppings to satisfy every guilty need. Perfection is something to strive for, but you could do far worse than settling on a bowl of Ippudo’s ramen. My pick – the karaka men, with hard noodles and an oozing lava egg, topped with thick, juicy slices of pork chashu, takes the cakes for my ultimate craving during these wintry days. It ain’t cheap for a bowl of the good stuff, but as they say – the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

Priscilla from Food Porn Nation

panzerotti cafe - birds eye

“Panzerotti Cafe is my favourite Italian Cafe. It is my go to lunch spot in the Sydney CBD for a great Italian bite. Food is spectacular. It’s authentic, real and delectable, as Italian food should be. Staff are charming, friendly and always memorable and I love how they keep things interesting with their daily specials. Think, squid ink risotto with scallops & caviar. Best thing about it is it’s cheap, cheap, cheap!”

Isaac from iFat

Chur Chicken Burger

“If I was getting married tomorrow (unlikely because I’ve been single for longer than the Rolling Stones have been around), I would ask Chur Burger to cater my wedding. A food blogger’s favourite, Chur Burger offers six different delicious burgers for $10 a piece. Definitely makes matrimony seem more appealing.”

Amy from Milkteaxx

tempura avo

“One of my favourite hidden gems is Jazushi in Surry Hills. I love their fusion Japanese cuisine and their live jazz entertainment. Perfect for groups and dates alike.”

Irene from Irene’s Getting Fat


“Korean fried chicken is what comes to mind when NaruOne is mentioned. Their deep-fried poultry menu is no kidding, it will bring Colonel Sanders into tears. The other menu is worth trying, but it’s the unbelievably crunchy and juicy fried chicken that will make you sigh in satisfaction with every ear-shattering bite.”

Kylie from Delectably Degusting


“It’s hard to pick a favourite out of so many great choices out there, but I would say one of them would be Ume in Surry Hills. Their Japanese cuisine with a modern twist always amazes me and leaves me wanting more. I think it’s a nice and cosy place with welcoming staff that can make your date, or dinner with family and friends, a very special one.”

For more information on Sydney restaurants, reviews, and recipes, check out all the sites of some of Sydney’s finest food bloggers.

  • The Sydney Noob

    Nice selection here although I don’t think Chur Burger deserves to be on this list. Read my blog for my take.

  • andy

    we tried the brazilian bbq. tonight from 1 to 10 i can score for them a .01 the meat is off with very unfriendly and irritating