Porch & Parlour: A Bondi Local’s Favourite

26 August 2013

Feeling like spotting Sydney celebrities like singer/songwriter Matt Corby, over breakfast? Then you’re in luck! Bondi café Porch & Parlour is not only loved by locals; it’s Mr Corby’s favourite coffee spot. As he told MTV Travel Co, “It’s a beautiful place. They have incredible food. It’s all healthy and I go there sometimes to make coffee. They’re all about the people there.”

As soon as you step inside, you feel like you’ve come home. The décor is welcoming and the staff are friendly and attentive without crossing that border into overly familiar territory. The ambience is very Bondi hipster, but minus the pretension and with a hint of Mediterranean beach house! In other words, it is super cute and cosy and still has that right-by-the-beach feel to it whilst providing food that is very ‘home-cooked’ and healthy.

Their famous Smashed Eggs never disappoint and their breakfast menu is a great way to start the day. However, if you enjoy a little tipple, you cannot go past a glass (or bottle) of their signature Porch rose from Mudgee. Combine that with a cheese plate and set the mood for an evening of simple delights.

Vegetarians, take note! Every Wednesday there’s a 3-course vego dinner for only $30. Totally tasty and a must try if you’re that way inclined.

If you need another reason to check this little gem out, here are two words — Matt Corby. It’s one of his fave haunts and you may catch him penning his next hit over a Falafel Salad. You just never know…

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bondi restaurant porch and parlour

Bondi Cafe Porch & Parlour