It’s late, I’m hungry

8 February 2016

Palmer & Co, Sydney

Palmer & Co, Sydney. Image credit: Palmer & Co and Merivale

After a night out in Sydney, you might find yourself hunting a post-midnight snack. Here’s a list of the late night eateries where locals like to dine. There are taxi driver hangouts serving super spicy curries, chef’s after-work favourites in Chinatown and Lebanese restaurants frequented by generations of Sydney skateboarders.

Palmer & Co

Abercrombie Lane, Sydney
Open until 3am daily.

If 1am hits and you find yourself hungry, but still not quite ready to quit the cocktails, head to Palmer & Co., a prohibition style bar hidden down an inner city alleyway.

While known for its drinks, it’s no slouch in the food department. On the menu you’ll find mac and cheese, huge charcuterie boards, pastrami and pretzels.

NaruOne Korean Restaurant

373-375 Pitt St, Sydney
Tuesday to Saturday 11am-3am
Sunday to Monday 11am-10pm

Hidden underneath a hairdresser on Pitt Street is this late night restaurant is famous for its fried chicken, a favourite of Sydney chefs finishing the night shift. The chicken comes in original flavour, or the sweet and spicy version, and for the indecisive you can get them both on a plate as a half-and-half serve.

There are options outside of fried chicken, like bibimbap and a Korean hotpot, but at 2am on a Saturday night, it’s hard to look past the signature dish washed down with a cold glass of beer.

Chat Thai

20 Campbell St, Sydney
Open until 2:00 am daily.

One of Sydney’s favourite Thai restaurants. Even at 1am you’ll find a queue, although it moves incredibly fast, and they give you snacks while you wait. The supper menu offers a selection of Northern-Thai meals. There’s delicious congee, mussel omelettes, crisp pork belly and more.

On the way out, be sure to grab some of the Thai-style desserts.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

96 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW
Open until 10pm daily.

If you are happy to eat your chicken on the move, you’ll find this takeaway joint on Liverpool St. It’s so brightly lit, it’s impossible to miss.

For only $7.90 you’ll get an enormous serve of Taiwanese fried chicken covered in your chosen spice level. They also do delicious fried mushrooms.

Golden Century, Sussex Street

393-399 Sussex St, Sydney NSW
Open until 4am daily.

You’re unlikely to meet a chef who’s spent any time in Sydney, and hasn’t eaten at Golden Century. With big white tablecloths on giant tables and seafood you pick from tanks, it’s the go-to after service restaurant that’s stood the test of time.

Go alone, as a couple or with a huge group. They cater to all sizes. Pipis in XO sauce over a bed of fried vermicelli, mud crabs, steamed whole fish and fresh Chinese greens washed down with an ice-cold Tsingtao make for Sydney’s quintessential late night dining experience.

Faheem Fast Food

194-196 Enmore Road, Enmore
Open until 11.30pm daily.

A contender for Sydney’s best tandoori chicken, this is a favourite of Enmore and Newtown locals.

There are Pakistani curries, some mild, some unusual (think lambs brain masala), and other excellent dishes cooked in the Tandoor. Strictly halal, if you want to drink alcohol, you’d best do it at one of the many nearby bars before you arrive.


296 Cleveland St, Surry Hills
Open until 3am daily.

Fatima’s has been serving Sydney’s skateboarders, cab drivers and drinkers well into the wee hours for over thirty years. It doesn’t appear like the décor or the menu has changed much in that time, which is a good thing.

A part of Sydney’s late night culture, their signage has been immortalised on t-shirts and skateboard decks. There’s a sit-down area, although a take-away lamb-kebab or felafel wrapped in a pita is the signature dish.

Eat it on the bench outside and watch the city drive by.

Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice

50 Hunter St, Sydney
Open until 3am daily.

Behind a quaint pizza restaurant that looks like it’s in a 1970s time warp, you’ll find Frankie’s, a rock ‘n’ roll basement bar you could stay in all night. It plays host to incredible bands and has an excellent selection of craft beer served in plastic mugs, but at 2am, it’s the pizza we’re there for.

Buy it full or, as the name suggests, by the slice, it’s some of Sydney’s best. While made in the traditional Italian style, this venue is all about the good times, so they’re happy to put pineapple on their pizzas.

There’s plenty to see and eat in Sydney’s restaurants!