salsa dancing lessons sydney

Salsa Dancing lessons, La Lupita at The Basement

Being from southern California, there are a few things that are quite unique: traffic, wannabe actors and Mexican food. When traveling, I usually only miss Mexican food as it never seems to be done right anywhere else. Not that Mexican food is some complex cuisine, but the ingredients and spices are of paramount importance––a factor that most countries haven’t managed import correctly. Long-standing Sydney restaurant/bar venue, The Basement at Circular Quay, has introduced North Mexican style street food into its lineup as a result of new renovations. Being completely honest, before arrival I had low expectations due to pious California standards.

I was completely wrong: La Lupita nails it. Fresh tortillas made-to-order, perfectly spiced meats and salsa galore, there’s nothing left to desire except perhaps a margarita. Funny you ask, because they too have those, and they do not suck; they actually rule hard. Christian over at the bar will pour you one of the freshest margaritas you could ask for, a perfect balance of tart and liquid strength. I know for a fact that I will be at La Lupita in The Basement many times getting my fix and maybe taking along my girl for some salsa dancing.