Featured Photographer – Nikki Bingham

5 March 2018

Hi, I’m Nikki, an amateur photographer based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

I emigrated here from London eight years ago and it was the beautiful Sydney landscape that inspired me to take up photography. These days, I am out before dawn every day to capture the Sydney coastline at sunrise. It’s my favourite time of the day – the incredible scenery and general buzz around the beaches gives me so much positive energy for the day ahead.

I took up aerial photography last year which has deepened my love of Sydney and of photography. It’s amazing to see the world from this new perspective – it makes me realise that I live in paradise! The ocean always looks spectacular.

My favourite places to shoot include Bondi, Bronte, Maroubra, pretty much any ocean pool, and of course, around the most beautiful harbour in the world.

If you see me on beach, come and say hi :)

Instagram: @nikkibings
Facebook: @twentytwostoriesbynikkibings

Bronte Baths at sunrise, Sydney East

Bronte Baths at sunrise, Sydney East.

Bronte Baths, Sydney East

Bronte Baths, Sydney East.

Forty Baskets Beach, Manly

Forty Baskets Beach, Manly.

Hornby Lighthouse, Watsons Bay.

Hornby Lighthouse, Watsons Bay.

Maroubra Beach, Sydney East.

Maroubra Beach, Sydney East.

Mrs Macquaries Chair at sunset

Mrs Macquaries Chair at sunset.

Sydney City at sunset

Sydney City at sunset.


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