The International Fleet Review

10 September 2013

Boat lovers rejoice, the International Fleet Review is coming to Sydney Harbour.

From October 3 – 11 2013 the program of naval events will dock in Sydney for arrival of the Royal Australian Navy fleet to celebrate the centenary of their arrival in the city on October 4 1913.

The review will commemorate the anniversary that the flagship HMAS Australia led the new fleet of seven cruisers and destroyers into the harbour for the first time.Tallship in Sydney

Head along to the event to watch in awe as a parade of tall ships float by, crane your neck to see the gravity-defying amazing aerial displays, get your camera out for the fireworks and light show or take the opportunity to participate in a tour around one of the majestic ships.

There will also be a ceremonial fleet review, naval gun salutes, fixed wing and helicopter flypasts, a naval march through the streets of Sydney, military band concerts, religious and memorial services, sporting competitions and freedom of entry parades in Parramatta and Mosman.

In short, enough to keep a naval enthusiast busy for an entire week and very, very happy.

The event has been several years in the making, as in 2011 vice admiral Ray Griggs, chief of the navy, invited over 50 countries to send a tall ship or a warship to the city for the celebrations.

Rumour has it that the budget for fireworks is twice that of what is usually spent for New Year’s Eve celebrations, so the event is sure to go off with a bang – or several hundred.

Darling Harbour will also see the RAN Sea Power Conference 2013 and the Pacific 2013 International Maritime Congress and Exposition descend upon the city during the week.

As the Navy’s signature event for 2013, it is estimated that approximately 60 ships of varying shapes and sizes will participate in the activities, while thousands of fans of varying ages and interests will flock to the city to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity.