Experience the Middle Ages in Parramatta

20 June 2013



Let’s be honest – you might not want to have lived in the Middle Ages (they didn’t have cupcakes back then), but you’ve probably wanted to see what it was like at some stage or another.

The knights, the jousting, the costumes, the food and the flair are all part of a time that we will never really live in, but you can at least organise a trip to Parramatta on June 29 to attend the Winterfest Medieval Festival.

You’ll be able to cheer for the knights as they joust (do your research beforehand and get the kids excited by watching ‘A Knight’s Tale’ with our very own Heath Ledger), watch the combat, try your aim at the archery range, and taste some of the foods and drinks from the stalls.

Another of the traditional activities that will be sure to draw some to the event (while potentially putting some off too) will be the Celtic and medieval dancing. You won’t have to join in if you don’t want to – but it will certainly make for an exciting show!

Extra points for those who come in the best medieval costume, so feel free to get into the spirit and stop off at your local hire costume store (it might be best to do this in advance) if you’re keen to win a prize.

Stalls at the fair will tempt you with souvenirs from the event, so you can take away a little piece of the middle ages with you – so long as you don’t try to get through airport security with a sword.

The event is on for the weekend of June 29 and 30, and you will be able to grab tickets for $15 for adults, $10 for the kids and free for the little ones under five.