Aussies swap cricket for baseball at the SCG

24 March 2014

The L.A Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks each played Team Australia on Thursday and Friday respectively, before playing each other over the weekend in front of a sell-out crowd in Sydney and at least 150 million television viewers worldwide.

Australian Baseball received a major boost after the two successful games of US Major League Baseball’s 2014 US Opening Series were staged at the Sydney Cricket Ground in a landmark Australian first.

Baseball at the SCG

Baseball fans cheer at the SCG. James Horan/Destination NSW

The Los Angeles Dodgers left Sydney triumphant and with more Aussie fans after their 7-5 win against the Arizona Diamondbacks in an exciting display of US National League rivalry.

Dodgers pitcher

Dodgers pitcher in action. James Horan/Destination NSW

More than 100,000 people attended the four days of baseball at the Sydney Cricket Ground, with more than 25,000 visitors from interstate or overseas.

Sydney’s iconic cricket ground underwent a dramatic 20-day transformation into a baseball field designed to meet the strict US Baseball standards. The overhaul included 25 tonnes of special clay for the surface, locker room makeovers and temporary seating.

The SCG becomes a baseball field

The iconic Sydney Cricket Ground is transformed into a baseball field. James Horan/Destination NSW

The Opening Series signals the beginning of the US Major League Baseball series and has only been played outside the United States five times, including three series in Japan.

The Diamondbacks verse the Dodgers

Arizona Diamondbacks verse the Los Angeles Dodgers at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Sydney, Australia. Sunday 23rd March 2014. Steve Christo/Destination NSW