Bean around the world

20 July 2011

The Rocks aroma festivalSydney sparkled this weekend with gorgeous Winter weather and for 120,000 Sydneysiders there was no better place to be than The Rocks for this year’s Aroma Festival.

With stalls lining the historic streets that surround the Harbour, festival drinkers buzzed from the Latin Quarter to the Orient, from the Continent to the Oasis, sampling coffee, tea, chocolate and spices under blue, blue skies.

market stalls The Rocks While the Mayan Coffee + Xocolat stall commanded the longest line for the caffeine addicted masses, Tejas Del Solar, Gourmet Beverages and Lush Berries pulled the crowds with indulgent chocolate treats and visitors to the Oasis dodged camels and belly dancers for dukkah, baklava and the Turkish Coffee House.

music in The Rocks The Latin Quarter stage pumped out funky beats while one vendor sang as baristas worked in a flurry around her to keep up with the demand. And if you’ve ever wondered what to do with 4,000 cups of coffee, the Aroma Festival team suggest whipping up a replica of the Mona Lisa – watch them in action here!

coffee bean fountainSpare a moment of concern for the parents of apparently multiple children who dove into the coffee bean fountain before gulping down handfuls. (Or maybe it was a brilliant marketing ploy to sell more coffee the day after a sleepless night??)

Sydney Opera HouseAnd while another stunning day is enough to combat the comedown from caffeine and sugar highs we’ll be waiting in earnest to do it all over again next year.

And if you can’t wait? Check out the website to hunt down your favourite roasters.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The sun was shining on Sydney this weekend