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Renowned worldwide, Sydney sets the benchmark as the pre-eminent beach capital of the world. Thanks to its great climate, the beautiful beaches of Sydney can be enjoyed year-round.

Bondi’s legendary reputation as one of the finest beaches in the world is well earned and is enjoyed by friendly residents and excited tourists on a daily basis. It offers the perfect beach experience where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll, a quick jog, or a swim anytime of the year.

Whereas Bondi receives the lion’s share of the spotlight (deservedly so), Sydney is home to many smaller beaches that offer a more private experience. Quiet, secluded beaches sprinkled around Sydney Harbour and along the coast are the perfect spots to relax and recharge your batteries. Pack a picnic and head off to discover your own secret beach hideaway, many of which are accessible by ferry.

Surfers from across the globe flock to Sydney to take advantage of the stellar waves on offer.

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