Working in Sydney: Taronga Zoo

12 December 2013

taronga zoo sydney

Taronga Zoo has been making it easy to walk with the animals for nearly a hundred years. With more than two and a half thousand specimens from over 340 different species, it’s a brilliant opportunity to see creatures from the most exotic corners of the planet in our own backyard.

From sticky-fingered kids and budding adolescent zoologists, to the more relaxed elderly visitor, Taronga Zoo is a wholesome way for the whole family to pass an afternoon. The cable cars will take you to the top, and you can spend the best part of a day getting to know Big Cats and Meerkats, birds and reptiles, fish and insects as you make your meandering way back down the hill for a rightly popular, very pretty, ferry ride back to the city at dusk.

In fact, getting across the harbour is half the charm. Thanks to its centralised CBD, Sydney has naturally evolved to suit those who want to live within a stone’s throw of where they work. For Johny, that means living and surfing on the sands of Bondi, and then taking a ferry to work with seals at Taronga in Mosman.

surfing bondi beach

Surfing at Bondi Beach. Image Credit Lets Go Surfing

If your interests lie elsewhere a single, scenic train journey can bring you from your office in the heart of the city to the sprawling, pristine walks through the bushes of the Blue Mountains. Only a bus ride stands between your Parramatta place of work or study, and kayaking through the mangroves of Botany Bay. Leisure in Sydney is no further than a brief commute away from where you make your living – even if you don’t get to play with seals professionally.

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