Featured photographer: Matt Lauder

26 November 2013

Matt is a fulltime landscape, aerial and surf photographer based out of the Central Coast with a focus on the coastline between Sydney and Newcastle.

With a massive range of picture perfect postcard landscape shots Matt’s collection of aerial and surfscape images now feature in his books and line the walls of many locals, including one non local that goes by the name of Pink.

Starting out back in 2001 with a panoramic film camera and box of film Matt used photography as a welcome pastime and break from his previous job as a NSW Police Officer on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. From there a simple hobby turned into a new career. Today Matt runs his own print lab, photo courses and gallery on the Central Coast, his website showcases his work from around Australia, he has a weekly blog and is active on social media with daily posts of being on location and the fruits of what he has shot that week.

Website: www.mattlauder.com.au/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mattlauderphoto

Boom, Bondi Icebergs

Boom, Bondi Icebergs. Image Credit Matt Lauder

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach. Image Credit Matt Lauder

Dee Why Beach

Dee Why Beach, Northern Beaches, Sydney. Image Credit Matt Lauder

Bar Beach Break, Newcastle

Bar Beach Break, Newcastle. Image Credit Matt Lauder

Freshwater Beach Sydney

Freshwater Beach, Sydney. Image Credit Matt Lauder

Manly Beach

Manly Beach. Image Credit Matt Lauder

Sunbakers, Bondi Beach

Sunbakers, Bondi Beach. Image Credit Matt Lauder

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night. Image Credit Matt Lauder

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge. Image Credit Matt Lauder

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House. Image Credit Matt Lauder

The Skillion, Terrigal

The Skillion, Terrigal, Central Coast. Image Credit Matt Lauder

Wamberal Beach, Central Coast

Wamberal Beach, Central Coast. Image Credit Matt Lauder

Boardrider, Bondi Beach

Boardrider, Bondi Beach. Image Credit Matt Lauder

  • Peter Starr

    The only thing Matt Lauder is good at is copying other peoples work. Total fraud.

    • Matt Lauder

      I think if you look at Peters (Krystal Summers) account link it will show that this is just a comment made by someone who basically says anything negative or offers to engage people in physical altercations over comments they disagree on. I’d say they havent even been to our website and viewed the 1800 plus images we have on there. Going to be hard to make all of them original.

  • Not very happy

    I ordered and paid for some photographs over two weeks ago, have not heard a thing and can not get my phone calls or emails returned – stay clear

    • Matt Lauder

      Hi, Sorry to hear that this was your experience. Our website is automated to update customers at the time of order and also as their order progresses. We process over 800 orders a year and have recently upgraded the site to include Live chat features to allow customers to communicate live with either myself or staff. Again sorry for your experience, but without any contact details with your comment I can’t verify our dealings with you.