Sydney Facebook Fan Photos – Sunny Side Up

18 September 2014

Every week we ask our Sydney Facebook fans to submit their best photos of Sydney with a different theme.

The pictures capture stunning colours, spectacular moments and magnificent scenery from the north to the south of the State.

Comment below and tell us what’s your favourite snap and submit your best Sydney photo next week!

Sydney Harbour, Michelle Lake

Img: Michelle Lake – Bradleys Head

Asher Shellim Films‎

Img: Asher Shellim Films – Bradleys Head

Sydney Harbour

Img: Grant Galbraith Photo Images‎ – Hickson Road Reserve

Img: Purple Collective‎

Img: Purple Collective‎ – Garden Island

Sydney Harbour

Img: Greg Vance Photography‎ – Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

Sydney Harbour

Img: Biljana Biba Sokolovska‎ – Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour

Img: Solo – The Independent Traveller‎ – Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

Sydney Harbour Sunset

Img: Shane Arrold‎ Photography – Mrs Macquarie’s Chair