Anthony Lister’s Top 5 hangouts in Sydney

5 August 2013

Anthony Lister, Australia’s most talked about art prophet has set up studio in Sydney to prepare for his solo exhibition at Olsen Irwin Gallery in August. His last Sydney exhibition was a three story blockbuster success, where he occupied an old sex shop on George St. He has since had solo exhibitions throughout the world including London, Hong Kong, Italy and LA. Here, he tells us about some of his favourite spots in Sydney.

NSW Art Gallery

NSW Art Gallery

“When I’m not roaming the streets like in Surry Hills, I like to visit some of the local galleries. My favourite gallery is the Olsen Irwin Gallery, but I also really like visiting the NSW Art Gallery. There’s an awesome Francis Bacon exhibition on at the moment, but it’s always good.

Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach

When I’m not looking at art or making art, I like jumping in water, and the best water I’ve found is at Bronte Beach. Mostly ‘cause you can do flips into it off the railing. It’s always good water when you can flip into it.

I like to go to skate stores, but I rarely buy anything. I just look at the videos. 99 Degrees on Crown Street (in Surry Hills) is a good one. It’s run by Aaron Jenkins and he’s from Brisbane, where I’m from. He can do a mean front side ollie, with no hands. My good friend Brett Chan also works there, when he can be bothered. Sometimes I visit him there and we watch skate videos together. That’s the best place you go to get your set ups.

Hibernian House

Hibernian House (JAM) Project

There are often good parties happening at a warehouse called Hibernian House on Elizabeth Street, behind Central Station. It’s an old squat that I used to frequent and do homemade tattoo parties in, with my good friend, the artist Ben Frost. If you can get in there, take photos, ‘cause it’s one of the truest artist and bohemian spaces that exist in Sydney.

Waterloo Skate Park

Waterloo Skate Park, Anthony Lister

Skating the streets is always preferred over skate parks, but Waterloo Skate Park is a good little spot. That’s where a local Mum had a go at me for writing; “Crime pays” on the ground.”

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    Anthony Lister is an Artist who exhibits at Olsen/Irwin Gallery!