Exploring Sydney Coastal Walks & Bushwalking

18 May 2018

There’s no better way to appreciate Sydney than by taking a stroll along one of Sydney’s many lush coastal walking trails. From the iconic Bondi to Coogee walk to lesser-known gems in Sydney Royal National Park, there’s a wide range of rich bushlands and walks to discover in Sydney and its surrounds. Read on to discover some of the most beautiful coastal walks and bushwalking experiences in Sydney.

Bondi to Coogee Walk

Enjoy Australia’s East Coast as you walk by 6km of breathtaking headland views, rock pools and clear blue ocean. Start at the world-famous Bondi Beach, a merging of lively Sydney activity and peaceful coastal waters, and stroll south towards Tamarama Beach where you will see surfers battling it out for the best wave. Amble past the beautiful pools of Gordon’s Bay, before reaching the end of the path at the beautiful Coogee Beach. Finish off your walk with a well-deserved drink at the Coogee Pavilion.

Spit to Manly Walk

Enjoy this gorgeous harbourside trail on a leisurely 10km stroll with many scenic view points along the way. Adorned with inlets and gorgeous beaches, be sure to pack your swimmers for a mid-walk dip. Enjoy the Aboriginal rock carvings at Grotto Point Lighthouse and keep an eye out at Arabanoo Lookout from Dobroyd Head for migrating whales between May and September. Transport services each end of the walk, so you can start from anywhere or just walk it one way.

Rose Bay to Watsons Bay

Aerial views from Rose Bay to the city (Sydney East)

Aerial views from Rose Bay to the city, Sydney East

The Rose Bay to Watsons Bay walk, also known as the Harbour Walk, showcases some the best harbourside views from the comfort of cosy beach settings. This walk is a section of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to South Head, and you can start at either end, from Rose Bay Wharf or Watsons Bay Wharf - both of which are convenient places to park your car. When starting at Rose Bay, head down to Lyne Park until you reach the stunning casuarina tree shaded Tingira Reserve. Next, check out Nielsen Park and the historic Strickland House. Then head on down to Watsons Bay, stopping in at the Pilot Station and Baths along the way. 

Royal National Park Coast Track

Wattamolla, Royal National Park, Sydney

Wattamolla, Royal National Park, Sydney

From the lush forests of Bundeena to the gorgeous cliffs of Otford, this multi-day hiking track is a stunning and easily accessible hike, via bus or train, near Sydney. The hike is accompanied by gorgeous cliff faces and panoramic views of the ocean and Sydney south coast, with lovely inlets perfect for a dip. Be sure to check out impressive landmarks including Garie Beach, Wattamolla, Wedding Cake Rock and the Burning Palms.

Jibbon Beach Loop Track

Discover historic Aboriginal engravings, stroll along beautiful beach wharves and check out the breathtaking ocean views along the Jibbon Beach Loop Track. The track weaves its way along the Bundeena escarpment from the Bundeena Ferry Wharf to Shelly Beach, where you can enjoy white sands and exquisite clear blue waters. Head to the 3000 year old midden – a site formed from ancient shells, stone tools, bones and ash from cooking fires, and take a dip at the beautiful Jibbon Beach.

Chowder Bay To Balmoral Beach

Balmoral Beach, Mosman

Balmoral Beach, Mosman. Image: Andrew Gregory and Destination NSW

Starting at either end, enjoy the picturesque headland walk bypassing Middle Head and offering views of the parallel Hornby Lighthouse. This gorgeous coastal walk passes through Sydney’s old Naval Base, providing an interesting journey. The walking track is well established from wooden steps to quaint dirt paths surrounded by floor hugging ferns. Stop in at Georges Head Reserve and witness the remains of the artillery fortifications, offering cenic views of Sydney Harbour. Continue along the path until you reach peaceful Balmoral Beach where the walk comes to end. Don’t forget to pack your swimmers for a quiet dip in the calm waters.


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