Where can I get a good coffee around here?

2 March 2016

Strand Arcade, CBD

Strand Arcade, CBD

Where can I get a good coffee around here? In the early hours of the morning, after an overnight flight, it’s a common question among travellers. With such a strong coffee culture in NSW, the answer is “almost anywhere”. However, in the spirit of whittling down your selection, we’ve put together a list of favourites in popular areas of Sydney, and one in Byron for good measure.

Bru Bondi, North Bondi

If you find yourself craving caffeine after a post ocean swim, walk up the hill at North Bondi to find Bru. Look for the mixed crowd of surfers, locals and Eastern Suburbs cool kids sitting on milk crates and sipping on near perfect lattes as they dig-in to bowls of bircher muesli.

Gumption by Coffee Alchemy, Sydney CBD

The workers of Sydney’s CBD were gifted with another excellent coffee option when Hazel des los Royes opened a second Coffee Alchemy store in the Strand Arcade. The original shop in Marrickville has long been a favourite of Sydney’s bean hunters. The baristas and wait-staff know their coffee, they can tell you where the beans come from, and why they’re different, they also serve it in any style you can imagine. Don’t come looking for breakfast though, because they only sell coffee here.


This small Newtown institution is often credited with spearheading the coffee revolution in Sydney. Serious about their beans, they roast in-house and supply to other cafés around Sydney. If you happen to come across Campos branding on a café, chances are they make a good flat white. After over a decade of pouring, it’s still one of the city’s favourite spots to get a morning fix. There isn’t much in the way of food, although there are some sweeter options like banana bread and cronuts on offer.

The Roots, North Sydney

When Brett Conway opened The Roots in North Sydney a few years ago, it became an overnight success. He’s already expanded, taking over a neighbouring shop and turning it into a wine bar and dinner spot – called The Roots Next Door. There are siphons and pour-over options, a beautiful, state of the art coffee machine and an ever-changing list of single origin beans with notes detailing their flavour profiles. There’s an excellent breakfast and sandwich selection too, turning this café into a one stop shop for all your morning needs.

Showbox Coffee Brewers, Manly

If you’ve stepped off the ferry, or the beach and you’re looking for an energy boost, look no further than Showbox Coffee Brewers. When it comes to finding the right coffee for you, they haven’t taken the easy option, sourcing their beans from many of the country’s favourite roasters. Incredibly popular all throughout the week, it’s easy to see why.

The Top Shop, Byron Bay

A short walk from the beach town’s main drag, atop a hill you’ll find The Top Shop. The coffee is spot-on, but even the most hooked caffeine junky might be tempted when they spy some of the smoothies and juices on the menu. You can hustle for a seat inside, but there’s also plenty of space on the grass to park on. For the hungry, they’re known for hamburgers, done in a classic Australian style, and they also whip up an excellent breakfast version.

There’s plenty of cafés to eat at in Sydney!