Spotlight on Coogee Pavilion

9 April 2018

Whether you’re looking to start your day with a delicious beachside breakfast with the family, or to simply catch up with friends over scrumptious cocktails at the end of a long working week, Coogee Pavilion is your go-to.

Located in Coogee and affectionately known by locals and regular patrons as “The Pav”, the Coogee Pavilion is the ultimate social spot in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. As the interior decor suggests, you’ll have a whale of a time! For more information on how to get there, the food, drinks and good vibes, read on and find out what’s coming up at the Coogee Pavilion!

About Coogee Pavilion

Street view of Coogee Pavillion, Coogee in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Coogee Pavillion, Coogee.

The Coogee Pavilion is located in Sydney’s south-east, and is easily accessible by both car and bus. Formerly known as the Coogee Beach Palace Hotel, Coogee Pavilion is located at the Northern end of Coogee Beach at the intersection of Beach Street and Dolphin Street. The three story complex is most recognisable by the Hamptons-esque blue and white striped dome towering over the northern end of the beach at the foot of the picturesque North Coogee headland.

The Coogee Pavilion was entirely refurbished back in 2014 by Mr Justin Hemmes of the Merivale group, and has since become an extremely popular any-time-of-day destination to relax or party! The dress code ranges from sandy feet and towel in hand to active wear, to heels, ties and cocktail dresses. The Pavilion is diverse in nature and is thematically divided by three floors.

The Ground Floor

Friends dining and playing Jenga at Coogee Pavilion, Coogee.

Friends dining and playing Jenga at Coogee Pavilion, Coogee.

The Ground Floor at the Pav hosts a smorgasbord of entertainment. There is a takeaway gelato vendor, a Will & Co. coffee shop, a juice bar, a florist and flower displays for sale, an impromptu barber and blow bar, and a family friendly dining venue complete with gaming arcade. The Ground Floor is lined with wide, open windows, boasting panoramic views of the ocean and the Coogee Beach locals, and their furry best friends. If you are lucky, you will spot whales on the horizon. Throughout the day, downstairs is breezy and bright, perfect for a coffee after the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk, delectable breakfast or lunch with friends, or an afternoon cocktail if you are so inclined.

By night, the Ground Floor restaurant menu mimics a farmers market like scenario, where you may select your fresh produce and look on as the chefs prepare your meal. Executive Chef Jordan Toft, developed the menu. It was largely inspired by his travels throughout the Eastern Mediterranean region, and he has lovingly adapted them to the Australian beach culture setting of the Coogee Pavilion. Roam around and see the tapas available for menu sharing, the cold-pressed or freshly squeezed juices and the freshly shucked oysters, sashimi and much more seafood for your selection. But the main attraction is the huge woodfired pizza oven in the middle of the venue, whose aromas fill the room, transporting you to little Italy. As this pizza is absolutely impossible to resist, enjoy Happy Hour every weekday from 5-7pm, for $15 pizza, and $7 pints. The Ground Floor is open Monday to Sunday 7:30 am till late, with breakfast available until 11am.

The Ground Floor also hosts a nostalgic games arena, perfect for entertaining the little ones and the big kids too. There are ping pong tables, giant scrabble, petanque and an in-house theatrette.

The Middle Floor, is currently still under renovation, but there is no doubt that the Merivale group will envision and execute yet another level of magic.

The Rooftop

Friends enjoying afternoon drinks at Coogee Pavilion, Coogee.

Friends enjoying afternoon drinks at Coogee Pavilion, Coogee.

Take the stairway to heaven and venture upstairs to the Rooftop. Upstairs has been transformed into a stylish and classy beachside establishment, with three internal exotically themed bars. The bartenders are adorned in white and serve delicious cocktails and groovy vibes. For this reason, the Rooftop is a venue for ages 18+. You can access the rooftop from both the front door downstairs and the side door on the beachfront. Open Monday to Sunday from 12:00 pm until 12:00 am.

Upstairs you can order tapas, bar food and charcuterie boards to accompany your delicious drops. The drinks served upstairs included a mixture of both local and imported beers and an extensive collection of tap beers, including Little Creatures, Kirin and James Squire. There is a delicious wine menu to ponder complete with red, rose, white and champagne to choose from. But the real hero both upstairs and downstairs are the cocktails. The cocktails are inspired from the local area, deriving flavours and moods from Coogee Beach and its surrounds – like the “Wylie’s Detox”, a refreshing drink with a hit of Jack Daniels, the Aperol based “Coogee Be Loved” and the Peach Schnapps “Beach Bum”.

And what night of the week is the Rooftop is most famous for? Sundays, of course. The notorious Sunday Sesh hits a whole new level at the Coogee Pavilion. Over the Summer, the Pav hosted their Sunday Sundowns – sunset DJ sets from the likes of Miami Horror, Linda Marigliano, and Client Liaison. Whilst there are no current DJ’s in residency at the Pav, be sure to grab a group of friends and head on down on a Sunday for a fabulous way to end the week, with a swim and a boogie.

Bask in the allure of this chic, beachside boutique hotel, the Coogee Pavilion, and have a whale of a time with your friends, family or colleagues. Head to the Merivale website for a full list of What’s On at the Coogee Pavilion.


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