The Beautiful Game hits the streets: Big Issue Street Football

3 January 2014

Darling Harbour

For the fourth year, the Big Issue Street Football Festival will be hitting Sydney’s Darling Harbour on January 17 and running through to coincide with Australia Day celebrations on Monday January 27 2014.

There are a number of unusual and exciting reasons to head along to this event.

For a start, the football field is as heavy as six elephants, and floats on the harbour for a sports field unlike any other.

More than 1,000 players will be taking to the field, coming from all walks of life, from professional players to boardroom members to juniors and disadvantaged footballers from the Community Street Soccer program.

Up to 300 matches of some of ‘fun football’ will be played on this floating soccer field. It’s a chance for everyone to get involved in the Beautiful Game, whether as a player, spectator or sponsor.

At the heart of it all is the Community Street Soccer program organised by Big Issue. This initiative holds weekly training sessions around the country to offer fitness, friends and support to disadvantaged persons in Australia.

The week of football on the floating pitch will see the National Championships battled out with a strong crowd of supporters for some of those who need it most.

Darling Harbour is at the heart of the Sydney CBD, so a stay in the area will offer not only the chance to see this exciting event, but also plenty of opportunities to check out the great shopping, dining and cultural activities on offer.

Be sure to book your stay and your tickets in advance!