Australian Garden Show

18 August 2013

Centennial Parklands Dining

Centennial Parklands Dining

Any green-fingered garden enthusiast will be able to tell you, you don’t need to spend all your time pottering amongst the roses to appreciate a great garden.

That’s why the Australian Garden Show will be of interest even to those who couldn’t look after a daisy.

The event, to be held in Sydney’s Centennial Park this September 5 to 8, is expected to draw crowds of garden enthusiasts and appreciators and professional horticulturists from around the world.

When the announcement was made in May early this year, minister for tourism, major events, hospitality and racing George Souris was excited about what it meant for Australia’s gardening societies.

“We believe The Australian Garden Show Sydney has the potential to be the flagship garden show in Australia and gain both national and international credibility, fixing it as one of the major go-to annual events for tourists inter and intra state, as well as from overseas,” he said.

Each year floral and garden shows around New South Wales blossom for the children, families, landscapers, gardeners, designers and novices who come to see them, and this year the Australian Garden Show will kick off the season of garden events.

National and international gardening experts will be in attendance to check out the offerings and provide a series of talks and workshops.

The show even offers a plant creche where you can leave your new purchases while you wander around the event, without having to lug around that new yukka tree.

A potting tent for the young ones will also be available so you won’t need to worry about keeping the kids entertained.

By night, the event will become one of the most horticulturally stunning outdoor lounge bars you’ve ever seen, where you can unwind after a day of looking, learning and leafing!