Sydney ends each year and kicks off every new year with a glorious display of fireworks yet there are fireworks on display every day in the form of of excellent events. There are countless festivals, cultural exhibitions, days of celebration and sporting events filling Sydney’s calendar.

Sydney is without a doubt Australia’s best city to host a party; with a number of public holiday celebrations held throughout the year you’ll bear witness to Sydney’s fantastic hospitality and welcoming spirit. There are few better places to witness a live sporting event than in Sydney as it serves to showcase fixtures in domestic leagues and international competitions.

With world-class facilities, Sydney is also home to Australia’s best cultural events. Sydney’s flourishing arts community is on display alongside the best of the world in the city’s performance spaces, such as the Sydney Opera House and the Capitol Theatre. Exhibitions from around the world often choose to make a temporary home in Sydney, set amongst some of the best museums in Australia.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re guaranteed to find your fix in Sydney.

Must do:

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  2. Sydney Markets
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