Featured Photographer: Michael Rolph – Girt By Sea Photography

6 March 2015

Having origins in the laid-back New England region of New South Wales I still have to pinch myself to believe that Sydney is now home, and that the coastline of this pulsating city has become a major source of inspiration and launching pad for my photography.

My passion is capturing low-light landscapes and seascapes around the twilight hours. I am mesmerized by the ever-changing theatre of the sky, clouds, land and water at these times of day; knowing that each show is a one-off, never to be repeated.

My style is more on the dark and moody side. Clear blue sky just doesn’t do it for me, so I’ll take cloudy, dramatic weather any day of the week!

During a shoot I love taking time to immerse myself in my surroundings, carefully frame my shots, and wait for the perfect moment of capture. Sure, it might take a few return trips to get the result; but this can only help to fully connect with a place. I’m a great believer that emotional connection with the landscape is the starting point for a great image.

The greatest satisfaction comes later, when I can hold onto and view the image in print. This is when a creative process becomes a tangible piece of art. It’s a sad sign of the times in this digital world that we don’t print enough of our photos any more!

I have been fascinated with photography since childhood, but in recent years I have stepped things up, leaving behind a full-time job and putting every ounce of energy into my creative project Girt By Sea Photography.

Photographers are certainly spoilt for choice here in Sydney, where my focus at the moment is the coastline. I might be biased, but I think we can boast the most stunning coastline of city in the world. I still have so much exploring to do – from our beautiful beaches, each with their own charm and culture, to the iconic ocean baths, and the rugged sandstone coastline. There is no better place to instantly recharge and escape from life’s daily churn.

I am equally proud of my country roots, making regular trips back into ‘the sticks’. Our countryside and coast are rich with natural beauty, and photographic inspiration is easy to find. We have it all on our doorstep – beaches, rainforests, rivers, mountains, snow and desert. It’s not hard to see why my list of New South Wales projects is growing longer by the day.

It’s great to have this opportunity to share some of my favourite images. You can keep in touch with my latest work via the links below. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Website: girtbyseaphotography.photoshelter.com
Facebook: facebook.com/GirtBySeaPhotography
Twitter: twitter.com/GirtBySeaPhoto
Instagram: instagram.com/girtbyseaphoto

Last Light - Avalon

Last Light – Avalon

Under Cover - Tamarama

Under Cover – Tamarama

Winter Pool - Maroubra

Winter Pool – Maroubra

Blue Beyond - Coogee

Blue Beyond – Coogee

Tamarama Sunrise

Tamarama Sunrise

Autumn Glow - Bondi

Autumn Glow – Bondi

Autumn Pool - Maroubra

Autumn Pool – Maroubra

Coogee Cliffs

Coogee Cliffs

Giles Baths - Coogee

Giles Baths – Coogee

Gordons Bay Sunrise

Gordons Bay Sunrise

Inviting - Bronte

Inviting – Bronte

Mahon Pool Sunrise - Maroubra

Mahon Pool Sunrise – Maroubra

Morning Majesty - Coogee

Morning Majesty – Coogee

Night and Day - Coogee

Night and Day – Coogee

Seaswept - Bronte

Seaswept – Bronte

Whitewater Rush - Maroubra

Whitewater Rush – Maroubra

Warriewood Sunset

Warriewood Sunset

Bronte Storm

Bronte Storm